Episode 7

Episode 7 End

Hello, everyone!

I’m not even going to talk much, here’s what you’re waiting for (I’ll leave a text after the links):

Episode 7 Vol 6

Chapter 31 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 32 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 33 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 34 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 35 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline


Episode 7 Vol 7

Chapter 36 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 37 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 38 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 39 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Episode 7 Vol 8

Chapter 40 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 41 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 42 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 43 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Episode 7 Vol 9

Chapter 44 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 45 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 46 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 47 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 48 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

So, after years of suffering, we finally translated and release all of the main Umineko mangas.

If i’m happy, relieved and wanting to break something just because? Yes i am, and I’m sure all of you are too (but please don’t break things). I know everyone who worked on itis happy too. we finally finished it!

Ah, but there are still things to be done. We have a list of umineko related works to translate (click here for more info) but we don’t have anyone to work on it translating, so if you know someone or you want to translate it with us, please comment in this post leaving your e-mail and we will contact you.

Of course, if no one wants to do it, this is our last post. Let’s hope not, but it’s possible, so we want to thank everyone.

We want to thank all the people that are here since the beginning, but also the ones that left already for some reason. Everyone that worked here: translators, typesetters, profreaders, uploaders, cleaners and raw providers, none of this would be possible without even single one of you. People who helped somehow, and the ones that couldn’t help but supported us. People from other scanlators that helped somehow, and people from other scalators who asked for help. People who read it somewhere, and people who download it. And also for everyone that may appear in the future to work with any of the other projects.

Thank, you, everyone. 

We shall meet again, when the seagulls cry

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Episode 8 End


It’s been a while since we last released anything, so today we have lots of chapters, including the end of Episode 8 (but Episode 7 is 48 chapters long, so we’re still working on it. But don’t worry, we’re fully focused on it right now). Ah, we also have tsubasa back!


Episode 7 Chapter 24


Episode 7 Chapter 25


Episode 7 Chapter 26


Episode 7 Chapter 27


Episode 7 Chapter 28


Episode 7 Chapter 29


Episode 7 Chapter 30


Episode 8 Chapter 35


Episode 8 Chapter 36


Episode 8 Chapter 37


Episode 8 END

Warning: this is the end of Umineko, it’s not just another Episode end.

If you want to read everything before the end, you shouldn’t read this chapter now!


Tsubasa Chapter 03


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Episodes 7 and 8 releases

Hello, umineko fans! How is everyone? Ready for some releases? Here it is:

Episode 7 Chapter 22


Episode 7 Chapter 23


Episode 8 Chapter 29


Episode 8 Chapter 30


Episode 8 Chapter 31


Episode 8 Chapter 32


Episode 8 Chapter 33


Episode 8 Chapter 34


Does everyone knows that Umineko Chiru is ending this month? I mean, not here, we still have chapters to finish, but the manga itself is ending ;;

We will miss Umineko very much, but instead of being sad, let’s focus on the chapters we still need to work on, so we can finish it ASP in english too for everyone to appreciate!

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Episode 6 End

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the end of Episode 6? I know you waited a long looong time for that, but finally, here it is:

Episode 6 Tea Party


Episode 6 Hidden Tea Party


Episode 7 Chapter 21


The broken files of the last release were also fixed. Please enjoy the new chapters!

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