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11 thoughts on “Tsubasa

  1. I’m not sure where to write this but if you need any help with translations for tsubasa I would be happy to help 😀

  2. ctom42

    Is this project still going? The last release was over a year ago. It doesn’t look like anyone is translating the fan disk VN either, so I was hoping to get this material in manga form at least.

    • JJ

      We’re trying to end Chiru first as we’re few as of now working on Umineko. If more people were to join us and help us we’ll probably manage to work faster and release faster new chapters.

  3. Unknown

    Hmm What s tsubasa ?

  4. pokpokza

    If you have raw for all episode please send me on Mediafile pls

    • JJ

      You might want consider explaining how to register to not Chinese speakers as the form for registering is in Chinese.

      • pokpokza

        Well haha I don’t know but I manage to found a torrent I upload it in comment in RAW section already check it out

  5. Bern diciple

    want tsubasa badly chapter 2 and 3 raw is out now you know

    • Don’t worry, I’m typesetting chapter 2 already, it’s just taking some time because I have to work everyday until night so I ca just make one or two pages when i have free time, but I assure you I’ll try to do my best to release it until monday.

      • pokpokza

        If you have problem finding RAW go to web bbs.4hun and you can find all RAW for umineko higanbana and tsubasa problem is you have to register and this web is in chinese WTF

        type [4hun][海猫鸣泣之时翼][01-06] on google for tsubasa raw

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