Episode 8 End


It’s been a while since we last released anything, so today we have lots of chapters, including the end of Episode 8 (but Episode 7 is 48 chapters long, so we’re still working on it. But don’t worry, we’re fully focused on it right now). Ah, we also have tsubasa back!


Episode 7 Chapter 24


Episode 7 Chapter 25


Episode 7 Chapter 26


Episode 7 Chapter 27


Episode 7 Chapter 28


Episode 7 Chapter 29


Episode 7 Chapter 30


Episode 8 Chapter 35


Episode 8 Chapter 36


Episode 8 Chapter 37


Episode 8 END

Warning: this is the end of Umineko, it’s not just another Episode end.

If you want to read everything before the end, you shouldn’t read this chapter now!


Tsubasa Chapter 03


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52 thoughts on “Episode 8 End

  1. Ang

    Thank you very very much! I’m bad writing in English so I can’t put my feelings in words, but I found your version of this manga (I’ve read the VN a time ago and I really love it), which is perfect. So thank you very much. I’ll be patiently waiting for the ending of Episode 7.

  2. Darkantys

    Real shame that you guys are having such a hard time, I hope everything goes well, and Ill be waiting for the release of the full 7th chapter of Umineko (crossing my fingers that you can make it), thank you so much for your hard work guys!!

  3. Ookami

    Hello. I’m a fan of the 7th expansion VN in general and i’ve been following your work by sometime. First of all i want to thank you for all the hard work you have done: we all know that this VN (in this case, the manga) is close to our hearts because of many diferent things (the rich plot, the scenarios, characters, etc). This may be a hard thing to ask, but please, at least read it. I want to download the complete manga from episode 1 to the most you have acomplished (such a great work done btw), is it too much to ask to make a .rar archive on MEGA (or any hosting page for that matter) with the complete work so far? (in the page its been hard for me to find all the episodes) I know is kinda selfish of me to ask, so if you can’t do it please don’t worry, i’ll download each page and compile it myself.

    btw im from south america, so im sorry if my english is a little rusty xd

    Thank u for reading my selfishness. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and keep up the good work. Lots of people care for this translation, so please don’t give up hope!

    • JJ

      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      I’m not sure if it can work for you but the manga version of Chiru had most of its chapters collected into a volume version. You can find them in the project pages. The volume versions are revised, better edited versions of the chapter releases so I recommend downloading them (Ep 8 chap 1 for example was completely retranslated, missing pages have been added, Ep 7 Vol 1 includes the extra pages printed on the volume only that introduce chap 1). Sadly we didn’t have the time to go through everything yet so not all the volumes are up but most is.
      Sadly we aren’t going to do the same for Ep 1-4 as they had been put off line to avoid problems we the official release (actually the same fate might befall on Chiru soon as they had started printing it as well). Hopefully we’ll manage to release what’s missing of Ep 7 and keep it on line so that not American fans who can’t access to the American official release will manage to download it.
      Sorry I couldn’t help you but we’re trying to avoid troubles at least for the time we need to release Ep 7.

      Then… who knows. As no one is volunteering to translate the rest Ep 7 might be our last work.
      We’ll see. Please, keep your fingers crossed for us!

      • CJ

        well… I usually don’t leave comments but I just had to. thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m so happy to know the rest of chapter 7 is going to be released. I wish I could just improve my japanese in the speed of light so I could help you guys. seriously after all your hard working years, I think all of us would love to keep reading all the other Umineko related stuff, but I understand it’s hard to keep going with few translators. I really wish I was good enough to help you! then again, just really wanted to say thank you to all of you who made it possible to experience such amazing story as Ryukishi envisioned. ありがとうございました (>ω<)ゞ

      • Ookami

        Thank you so much for such a fast reply! You have help me a lot with your answer! please keep working hard, your efforts are appreciated by many! 😀 Stay Strong as usual! lml

  4. maximilianjenus

    how many chapters of episode 07 are left ? I might try and find someone to comission this translations sicen there are a few magna translators for hire in the comunity.

    • theacefrehley

      Translation is already done.
      Now, just the editing left

      • JJ

        You’re awesome, Ace! Thank you so much for all you did!

        • OMFG… just, thank you!!

        • Smokinbird

          wait did i get this right?
          the last chapters release is finally near?
          pls answer me 😥

          • JJ

            We’re currently typing them.
            It might take a while as they’re quite a bit (for who’s curious Ep 7 counts 48 chapters… or 9 volumes if you prefer).

  5. NL

    I have been following your translation for oh how so many years.. Thanks for bringing this beautiful story closer to us. I’d like to buy the original work, either comic or the VN, to appreciate Ryukishi beautiful work!

  6. Any update on Episode 7 status 🙂 ?

    • JJ

      Out of bad luck both our translators, who were both working on Ep 7 so as to deliver it faster, ended up having personal problems that stopped them from translating. So no, as of now no update in sight, sorry.

      • A47

        @JJ – Is there anyway we can help the translations with the raw files you guys have?

        • JJ

          If you feel like volunteering on translating we need you to give us a mail address to contact you. I know wordpress asks one for allowing to post messages but it doesn’t let us see it…

          • A47

            @JJ – You can email me at inferno111 (hotmail.co.uk), I may not be of much assistance- but I’d be more than happy to help with what I can. 🙂

      • Villette

        I don’t mind helping translate either, especially with how long this is taking. Let me know!

        • JJ

          If you feel like volunteering on translating we need you to give us a mail address to contact you. I know wordpress asks one for allowing to post messages but it doesn’t let us see it…

          • Oh wow… this was a totally casual comment at first, but I’m so happy it may get somewhere!

            I’ve played the entirety of the VN except the ending in Ep8. So I’m excited to relive the story through the manga, mostly to better understand the culprit and motivations.

            Sorry I can’t help, I don’t know japanese, but I’m following you guys!

          • Villette Castiglioni

            Ha ha ha. Well there you go.

  7. minun

    How can I download Episode 7 starting from Chapter 1?

    • JJ

      You can go to the project page for ep 7 and download the new, better edited volume versions for vol 1, 2 & 3 which are inclusive of the pages missing in the previous releases. Sorry, we’ve no more single chapter download versions.

  8. carlosgmf07

    hello, thanks for the work
    Could you please enable the Full Download link of the volume 7 and 8?

    • carlosgmf07

      Of the episode 8, I forget write that xD

      • JJ

        Sorry but full download of the remaining 3 volumes for Ep 8 will be enabled when we’ll finish revising the chapters. The full volumes always contain the revised versions, that’s why they’re not released along with the chapter release.

  9. happy

    any plans to restart Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni?

    • JJ

      So far none, sorry. Higanbana was picked up by another scanlation group.
      We still have 3 unfinished projects for Umineko (Ep 7, Tsubasa, Ep X), many other Umineko works (Forgery of purple logic, Case collection, Episode collection….) that could be started and a severe lack of translators so no, sadly Higanbana isn’t in plan.

  10. tnks for all de work
    saludos desde mexico

  11. Gala

    Wooooow, I haven’t been able to read this post until now.
    Thanks a lot for all these great releases and all your hard work!
    See you!! ^_^

  12. edek437

    Thank you for your work. Manga ending explains things much better than VN :D. BTW Do you have any plans about UNNKN Shi: Forgery of the purple logic?

    • JJ

      We wanted to start Forgery but due to technical problems we asked to the translator that was willing to take care of it, if he could help with Ep 7 instead. So Forgery is, at best, postponed. Of course if more translators were willing to help we could:
      a) speed up the releases
      b) offer you other mangas from the Umineko series, like ‘episode collection’ that’s a collection of short, beautiful stories… or some cute 4 koma releases.

      Still our main problem remains that we need more translators.

  13. WOW!!! Nice pack and great job as always!!!
    I’ll wait for Episode 7 to be completed so that I can enjoy your job and this great story!

  14. Vitor Presutti

    Thank youuuuu!!!!

    (I finished now chapter 6)

  15. MiTsuki

    Ahhh the last episode had me suffocating on my snots & tears. Thank you WTDND for all your hardwork & translations…really thank you! ❤

  16. ChaosNil

    Can’t wait for the end of CH 7. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  17. Mike

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I will really look forward to your advances for 7 (that tea party was the longest, indeed!) and Tsubasa!!

  18. A47

    The representation of EP8 were lovely. The changes were slight, but still gave a brilliant direction to complete the story. I’m glad I got to read it, and I’m sure I’ll read it over once more. Here’s to the rest of EP7! Thank you very much for your hard work WTDND!

  19. Thank you so much for bringing the longing conclusion to this tale of love and trials. Umineko meant so much to me. And your hard work with an excellent translation alloxed me to enjoy it to its fullest! Thank you again, and best courage with Ep 7 ending

  20. BuuHuu

    Yay, so much chapters. ^^
    Congratulations on finishing Ep 8. And welcome back Tsubasa. 🙂
    Thanks, as always, for your good and hard work. ^.~

  21. Coma Culture

    I’m like flooded with emotion right now, so i’ll try not to gush or be overdramatic, but..
    Thank you guys, so much. WTDND brought this story to life in its best form, and i loved following it for years. I know there’s still more to come, but for this, i feel, its a climax in its best possible form. I feel sad and really happy. You guys are the best.

  22. Unknown

    Almost the end of this epic journey ! I am both sad and excited for the end of Episode 7 ! And then up to episode 8 !
    Thank You for your hard work !!

  23. A47

    *Opens eyes*
    Oh…my…god. xD
    Glad to see this! Brilliant work!! ^^

  24. KainLegacy

    Finally found who is Beato…… HEEEELLLLL YEEEEEEEAHHHHHHH!

    Thanks for all your hard work, before i like umineko and now i totally love the series.

  25. will

    You amazing, amazing people; thank you SO MUCH for translating this.

  26. SuperAs25

    Wahhhhh!!!! It’s really the end? I feel so happy and so sad, Thanks to all WTDND group for translate this amazong story… T-T 🙂 T-T 🙂 T-T 🙂

  27. Beyond

    Thanks for the scans once again – For delivering the opened cat cradle to us. Until the seagulls cry again.

  28. Lyendith



    I’M NOT CRYING OKAY!!! ;______;

    Also, is that Amakusa giving the candies to Battler at the end ?

    • JJ

      Yes, that’s him. Evidently he became Ange’s equivalent of Genji in the end…

  29. Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Finally we have completed Ep 8. Now only Ep 7 left to do. Thank you everyone in translate team for bring us a great story.

  30. Iris~

    Thank you so much for all your work :DD
    You just made my day ❤

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