Episode 6 End

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the end of Episode 6? I know you waited a long looong time for that, but finally, here it is:

Episode 6 Tea Party


Episode 6 Hidden Tea Party


Episode 7 Chapter 21


The broken files of the last release were also fixed. Please enjoy the new chapters!

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17 thoughts on “Episode 6 End

  1. Rob Cormier

    Just started reading this manga and man I love it can wait for episode 7 and 8 to be finished so I can find out how it all ends you guys are doing a great job

  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked on this site, and I’m on a new laptop so I wanted to grab all of the Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, and Ep8 releases, but it looks like those links are down because of mediafire and 4shared not having your account anymore? Are you planning to upload them again to another source that works? I don’t have them on this computer and I’d love to grab all of the releases of your hard work 🙂

    • JJ

      If you can handle big downloads the improved volume versions are now available in the project pages for Ep 5, 6, 7 & 8.

  3. Edward


  4. fernando

    i really love you guys, you are the only ones to care this manga, but i must say i a little sad because of the broken links, can you fix them?
    p.s. sorry for my bad english

  5. This is so great. THANK YOU! I’ll be your Miko!

    I’ve experienced Umineko first by Anime, then by Visual Novel, now re-experiencing in Manga format is great (even better for understanding this tale, as you can go forward, backwards and re-read sections).

    Definitely, without love, it cannot be seen. I hope that some day, I can declare it in gold.

  6. KainLegacy

    As always, thank you for your great job, the end of the episode 6 was great, before Ange “ruin the ilusion” if you know what i mean

  7. thanks for the release! finally the end of EP6 and EP7 nearing its end… you’ve gone far, guys! kudos!

  8. Coma Culture

    So close! I didn’t realize you guys are at Chapter 21 of Ep. 7. There’s not that much longer left until everything will be finished! Go Go, WTDND, You guy’s are our man, if you can’t do it, VIZ will (and we don’t want that.)

  9. MiTsuki

    Thank you! You guys are such darlings ❤

  10. Gala

    Thanks for these new releases! ^_^

  11. Genichiro

    Yay, more releases~ :3 Thanks. :3

  12. A47

    Grats on finishing Episode 6! 😀
    The little sketches at the end of EP6 were super enjoyable x)

    Brilliant as usual! Keep up the great work ^^

  13. TY so much for more, you almost finish this great and beautiful story 😀

  14. BuuHuu

    Thanks a lot for your efforts. And congratulations on finishing Episode 6.

  15. Hello,

    Thanks for your hard work.
    I really wanted to read the whole episode 6 since I love Momoyama Hinase’s art.

    Ange in miko’s outfit killed meeeeeee !

    Thanks a lot !

  16. sharkshocker

    Thank you sooo much for the hard work! 😀

    The end of an episode is always a fun experience…I get to finish Episode 6 AND read 21 chapters of Episode 7! Good thing it’s the weekend 😛

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