Hiiiii everyone! It’s been a while, how are you all? This is probably going to be the last post in this blog, unless we end up getting another project to work on in the future, but at that point I really doubt it. Anyway, sometimes we recieve e-mails from people asking about download links, because the first Episode’s links are all broken, as well as images and etcs, so today I came here to remove all the links that were still working. That’s because Umineko is all licensed now and being released in english (actually I think that there are two Episodes that aren’t yet, but they’ll probable be soon, so it’s better to take it all off just to be sure. You can still find the mangas to read online on mangafox, batoto and etc, but I’ll leave a note here saying that, if you can, please support the author by buying the licensed vesion.

Now, about the issue of still existing download links of the complete series somewhere… it probably does. Maybe even somewhere in this blog, hidden. But that’s not for you.


Right, you.


You’re not a true detective, are you?


What do you mean ‘of course I am’?


Prove. Find it.


Thanks for all your support through those years, for helping us in this journey and everything. Each comment kept us going until we were able to finish it, so all of you, our readers, were part of it with us. I really hope we can work all together again.

ps: If you indeed find the hidden links, please don’t share in the comments. There’s a reason it’s hidden. plus, it’s a nice last fun time for you guys to have here with us!
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18 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. RightThere

    Is the hidden link still there?

  2. Hello. Thanks for the hard work translating Umineko.

    Umineko is one of my favorite manga and a story that really have influenced my live since I finished reading it.

    I really appreciate all your work. Best wishes for you guys.

  3. Sakutaro

    Does the link still work?

  4. zefir

    I think I found the link, but I guess you aren’t accepting folk anymore 😦

    • JJ

      Sometimes it takes time for people to be accepted as it’s not a robot who’s doing it so we can only do it when we’re free. As of now all the people who requested for it were accepted. If you were to have further troubles, please let us know.

  5. Thats sad. I hoped for the last few chapters of Tsubasa.
    But thank you very much for all your hard work and countless chapter releases so far. ❤
    It was a long and nice journey with you guys. 🙂

    • JJ

      We’re really sorry about them but we don’t have translators anymore and without them we can’t do scanlations. Sorry about it.

  6. NecroMac

    Well, maybe people are planning to support an official release? I would certainly plan to (given it will be available in reasonable price in my country).

    Never the less Thanks for your hard work!

  7. *Snif* Thank you, WTDND. Let’s meet again, when we hear cries.

    Maybe when R07 releases his new work later this or next year!

  8. Acelora

    I can’t say anything else than i’m so happy you guys translated the whole Umineko series.

    I thank you for your all hard work.

    May wr meet again, when they cry.

  9. Will

    Found them.

    I… think so.

    Either that, or someone else made a backup.

    Either way, I’m glad 🙂

    • Nabiki Asakura

      I don’t know, did you?XD
      Everytime someone clicks the hidden link, i recieve a requesting e-mail, and I did recieve one today, so maybe it’s you? (Also, only one. No one else did, I’m concerned @_@)

      • Will

        There’s not enough good detectives here, maybe…

        They are all… busy… somewhere…

      • Lisera

        It’s probably me, Lisera. It seems that I need for a encrypt key for Ep.1 Vol.1. Could you provide me that?

        • Nabiki Asakura

          Ooohh yes, it was you =D
          Ah, I think I left the wrong link there, then, I’ll fix it right now

  10. 8/9

    Yeah, thank you and best wishes for you, guys. Good luck with everything.

  11. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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