Episode 4



This arc is complete and you can read

 it online on Batoto or Mangafox


13 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. Hopskin

    This amazing with the amount of work you put into the releases but I was wondering if I started reading episode 4 is it okay since episode 3 isn’t finished?

    • JJ

      Since the episodes are connected you might feel a bit confused as what happened in Ep 3 will affect the beginning of Ep 4… and in Ep 4 you’ll be asked to figure out the solution of Ep 3.
      Though if you’re not in for the mystery you can try and read Ep 4 anyway.

  2. Thank you very much ^_^

  3. sanogabs

    Like Azimuth05 said “All the batch file links are down ” could you fix them

  4. All the batch file links are down >.<

  5. Unknown

    Thx annon and thx WTDND ! (btw volume 6 is done ? oO)

  6. Unknown

    Oh ok just hope you guys wont be affect by ACTA 🙂

  7. Unknown

    First of all, thx a lot to this team, I m a huge fan of umineko (thought i ve never played the VN) started with the anime but without any news from a season 2 I took a look at the scans and I’m getting really fond of them right now.

    So, to the point,

    Are you guys going to make some batchs for your complete volumes for all the episodes or should I download the chapters one by one and put them togethers myself ? I know, its really annoying to do it but if you do just let me know.

    Thx again for you re work on Umineko.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Well, we had the complete volumes in our megaupload folder, but now…
      I can do new ones withouth problems but I prefer to wait a little more because if I upload it on mediafire and they delete everything (again) it’ll be really depressing XD

      • froody1911

        Do you know about Dropbox? Look it up, it’s a free cloud-based file storage.

  8. JJ

    In case you don’t have it EP 4 chap 26


    & EP 4 chap 26 with blank balloons


    Also, on Animesuki, someone is volunteering to get EP 6 scans in case you haven’t seen it yet…
    and I hope everything is going well and we’ll see an update from you soon… ^_-

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