Hiiiii everyone! It’s been a while, how are you all? This is probably going to be the last post in this blog, unless we end up getting another project to work on in the future, but at that point I really doubt it. Anyway, sometimes we recieve e-mails from people asking about download links, because the first Episode’s links are all broken, as well as images and etcs, so today I came here to remove all the links that were still working. That’s because Umineko is all licensed now and being released in english (actually I think that there are two Episodes that aren’t yet, but they’ll probable be soon, so it’s better to take it all off just to be sure. You can still find the mangas to read online on mangafox, batoto and etc, but I’ll leave a note here saying that, if you can, please support the author by buying the licensed vesion.

Now, about the issue of still existing download links of the complete series somewhere… it probably does. Maybe even somewhere in this blog, hidden. But that’s not for you.


Right, you.


You’re not a true detective, are you?


What do you mean ‘of course I am’?


Prove. Find it.


Thanks for all your support through those years, for helping us in this journey and everything. Each comment kept us going until we were able to finish it, so all of you, our readers, were part of it with us. I really hope we can work all together again.

ps: If you indeed find the hidden links, please don’t share in the comments. There’s a reason it’s hidden. plus, it’s a nice last fun time for you guys to have here with us!
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Hello everyone, I’m making this post to explain for you why the site wasn’t updated these last months. Some of you already know that, but I, Nabiki, discovered that I needed to do a surgery to fix serious problems that were compromising my life, and as much as I wanted to update the WTDND I was actually too busy with the preparations, and exams and really really scared, so I couldn’t do it. Now that I had the surgery already, and everything is fine and that the doctor said I’m out of danger I wanted to come here to explain that as much as it looked like we were neglecting the site, everyone was still working hard, it was just me that wasn’t able to do the releases. I hope you all haven’t given up on the site yet, because this delay actually left us with tons of updates, like there are more than 20 chapters here plus the broken links we have to fix, and I PROMISE everything will be released before december 31.   You WILL have all these chapters before 2015, sorry for all this delay on our updates, and thank you for understanding =]

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