Episode 6

Episode 6 End

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the end of Episode 6? I know you waited a long looong time for that, but finally, here it is:

Episode 6 Tea Party


Episode 6 Hidden Tea Party


Episode 7 Chapter 21


The broken files of the last release were also fixed. Please enjoy the new chapters!

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First releases of 2015

Wow, we’re three months later this year, sorry for that @_@

Episode 6 Chapter 23


Episode 6 Chapter 24


Episode 8 Chapter 26


Episode 8 Chapter 27


Episode 8 Chapter 28


Thanks everyone for the support and for worrying about my surgery. I’m 100% fine now and we’re rushing to try to catch up to the official releases of the manga. As everyone may (or may not) know, the manga will end this year in Japan, so we’re searching for people interested in translating Tsubasa and Forgery of Purple logic after we finish it.Please leave a message if you’re interested =]

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Last releases of 2014

As promised, here are the last releases of this year:

Episode 6 Chapter 20


Episode 6 Chapter 21


Episode 6 Chapter 22


Episode 8 Chapters 11-25





The broken links are all being fixed today too, and if you see any missing links is because, as you can see, there’s a lot of chapters being uploaded today so it’s taking time, but everything will be fixed until the end of this afternoon.

Thank you all for you support this year and hope to see you next year here again!

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Episode 6 17, 18 and 19

Hello everyone! long time since last chapter release, huh? This time we have some Episode 6 chapter for you, so please enjoy it:

Episode 6 Chapter 17


Episode 6 Chapter 18


Episode 6 Chapter 19


Now, let’s talk about all the broken links. Our mediafire folder was reported as hosting licensed files and everything was deleted, so you won’t be able to download any chapters linked on any of our previous posts (but the one from this one are working because it’s a new account). We’re researching about other file hostings to use together with mediafire so this kind of thing won’t happen again, and the preference is for the ones that doesn’t require you to wait a certain time before downloading or ask for a login. I love Zippyshare, but when I try to upload things there it just send me failure messages and dlete the files, so it’s a no for this one.

About the files: we lost all our individual chapter files, but thanks to people that think about emmergencies like this (and i’m not one of them…)  we have  a backup for the full volumes, so we’re going to link it on the projects pages as soon as possible. If you need it now, you can still read the chapters on Batoto .

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