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5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Gwen

    Hi there WTDND.
    If you guys are ever interested, I have a copy of the 1st Umineko paper novel. I can’t read any of it (I really just bought it because I am a fan) but if you guys would ever want to translate it, I could send you pictures of the pages.

  2. Naru

    thank you for your good translation) you so lovely^^

  3. Buu-Huu

    i read it some time ago and was surprised too. at the last page of chapter 3, it is mentioned that it would be continued. but at the wikipedia-page or at the higurashi wikia there are only the three chapters mentioned. maybe this serie was canceled.

  4. nabikiasakura

    Hi sweet. Well, as far as I know, there aren’t more than 3 chapters…sorry

  5. Hellokitty

    Do you know if anybody is doing UTSUTSUKOWASHI-hen? It only reached 3 chapters and wasnt updated 2 years now. can you pick it up? or do you know anyone who will?
    Keep up the AWESOME WORK 😀

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