This arc is complete and you can read

it online on Batoto or Mangafox


26 thoughts on “Matsuribayashi-hen

  1. mr

    Why was this dropped?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      We don’t have a translator for it anymore, neither raws. Also, it’s already licensed…

      • mr

        short of me learning Japanese, is there any possable way in all of the internet for me to know what happens?

        • Nabiki Asakura

          You can buy it in english. Matsuribayashi was licensed and you will be able to buy it in english after october

  2. Pedrinio

    Hi… Status of this!?
    I can’t find the chapter 15 😦

  3. selene15c

    Hi thank for all the hard work until now.
    Are you going to continue this manga or is dropped?

  4. Crab-N-Pickle

    Thanks for translating so much Higurashi awesomeness for us, you guys ^w^ Can’t wait to read chapter 15!

  5. nabikiasakura

    thanks, if we need help I’ll call you then =3

    please send it to

  6. cherrylin94

    Do you have any idea when you’ll release more of this? I have the two last volumes as RAWs on my computer if you need them..

    • As said in tthe last post, we’re searching for translators for now. however, if you have the raws for the last volumes already and want to help, then please send it to us. It’s always a guarantee to have the raws just in case =]

      • cherrylin94

        Sure thing!
        What e-mail would you like me to send them to?

        I sadly can’t help you with translating, but I can help you out with looking for errors/grammar/typos if you need it at some point.

  7. Is this cancelled for any reason? ):

    • nabikiasakura

      No, the translator is just too busy for now….

  8. Crissychan

    Oh yes, i know your busy with the other projects right now but I’d love if you could do Kokoroyashi-hen sometime, maybe after matsuribayashi?

  9. Saki

    Mii…the kokoroiyashi-hen the matsuribayashi-hen epilogue hasn’t been translated yet…
    well… here goes the raw… I guess…
    ^_^ Hoping for new releases
    -SAKI =3

  10. froody1911

    Is this arc being actively worked on?

    • nabikiasakura

      Yes. We stopped matsuribayashi a little s that we could run to finish minagoroshi. Now that Minagoroshi is finished, we’re back on matsuribayashi =3

      • froody1911

        Good to hear! Hope you’ll be releasing soon 🙂

  11. Buu-Huu

    and here is volume 7 😉

    take it from here:
    or from here:
    or there too:

    but i´m a litte bit confused. at wikipedia it says, that vol. 6 includes ch. 25-30. but i noticed that on my link of my previous post, that there are only ch. 25-28 at vol. 6. and that vol. 7 includes ch. 29-32.

    • nabikiasakura

      Ok, now, tht’s funny. I’ve NEVER noticed that there was a place in the dashbord where I can approve or delete comments, I’ve noticed just now because you tld me about your comment and I went to search for it. I guess we can learn a new thing everyday XD
      nyway, thanks for the links

      • Buu-Huu

        ah, that was the reason why it took a little bit longer than expected. maybe this new side has more surprises.

  12. Buu-Huu

    and i found one more. matsuribayashi vol. 6. so it includes ch. 25-30:

    • nabikiasakura

      Wah, thank you sweet!

      • Buu-Huu

        your welcome.
        and a few days ago i found vol. 7 too (which i posted also). but it seems that you must allow this post first. maybe because i wrote there three download links for that and now under my comment it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” i can still see this post, but it is still not officially.

  13. Genclare

    I heard that there was an epilogue volume of Higurashi after Matsuribayashi-hen. Will you guys be working on that as well?

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