Episode X

Read it online on Batoto


8 thoughts on “Episode X

  1. juca

    No Volume 2 Episode X? It’s a very funny face for Umineko. Common, give me a link, translation, raw, anything…

    • JJ

      We’ve no raw for the rest of Ep X so we’re sorry but we’ve nothing else we can give you.

      • YdoUask

        Howdy, I have a raw for Volume 2, not sure how to get it to you, shot me an email and I’ll give it a shot.

        • YdoUask, if you really aren’t kidding then there are various ways. I recommend making an imgur account, uploading the scans on there and sharing the album link so we can make extra sure of authenticity. We can even download the images off of there.

  2. trilljacker654

    I want to know where is chapter five?

  3. Jake

    I just read the first chapter. And my opinion is that this is what it’d be like if either Beato was on acid when she made this game. Or if Battler took some serious drugs the first time around.

  4. Hellokitty

    When is the next chapter coming up?

  5. afk

    What is this episode X ?? O_o?

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