Everything we’re currently serching for, such as raws and helpers:


Episode X – Chapter 5


Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa Vol 1-3

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki Forgery of the Purple logic Vol 1-2

Umineko Biyori: Rokkenjima e Yōkoso!! Vol 1

4 Koma Umineko no Naku Koro ni  Vol 1-2

4 Koma Umineko no Naku Koro ni San Vol 1-3

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode collection  Vol 1-2

Umineko no Naku Koro ni EpisodeX Rokkenjima of Higurashi crying Vol 2 [CHAP 5 STILL MISSING]






35 thoughts on “Searching

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  2. Wonder Guy

    Hey Nabiki and JJ, can you guys translate all of these transpositions of Umineko manga?

    • JJ

      If you’ll check into the zip files of our last releases you might have noticed we listed them all already and pointed out how we’ll need new translators (and in some cases raws) if people want to see them scanlated. As no one is volunteering to translate (and/or hands raws), the answer is no, we can’t. Sorry.

  3. Hello. 🙂
    If ever you need help in proofreading, you can message me in his account or 🙂

  4. Buggy

    Do you need a proofreader? If so, please email me at

  5. lux_operon

    Hello! Do you by any chance require a proofreader? I’d like to help if you need it.

  6. Hi! Nabiki, your group still needed the raws Episode X vol.2?
    If i send you these scans, then the translation will be continued?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Well, we still need it and still want to work on it, but even if you send the scans now it won’t be continued so soon because we still have to finish episodes 5, 3 and 6 and catch on Episode 7 and 8 and only when we finish it we will be able to worry about Episode x and Tsubasa again @_@

  7. korisnik2007a

    Hey, I would like to help with the cleaning, if you need any help. My e-mail is , so contact me if you need anything.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi, i know you’re offering help on cleaning, but I’m urgently in need of a proofreader, so can you help with it instead? Cleaning is not that urgently, at least for now….

      • korisnik2007a

        Well, if proofreading consists of me reading chapters and correcting/pointing out the errors, I think I could try that… I like dabbling with english, so that would also help me improve my own knowledge… So – i wouldn’t mind.

  8. Ah, yes, I received it! Sorry, I forgot I need to reply you to tell that the e-mail arrived XD

    • JJ

      Okay, no prob, thanks God they arrived, I was worried.

  9. Stephanie

    Hi! I have episode 8 (2 volumes) episode 7( 3 volumes) and episode 6 (complete), I’m just waiting to recieve them (they are already here but dhl won’t work until 02/01). I was wondering if I can help you with scalantions without destroying them ;-; Anyway, If I can help you with anything, just ask! 🙂

    P.D I had already leaved this message but I thought it would be better here.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for offering help, but don’t worry, I’ve just bought the new volumes too so i can scan to the group (I’ve just updated this page too). And, I should tell you that there’s no way of tkain the scans without ripping all the pages apart, i’ve tried before and it didn’t work, but don’t worry, keep your mangas safe because i’ve bought mine exactly so i can take the scans. Last time I did it, I almost cried, it’s so sad to rip the pages of a new manga ;; but if it’s going to turn into a beautiful scanlated english page, then I don’t really wory, I’m even happy to use my money for it =D

      • JJ

        Just to make sure…
        in the past days I’ve sent the cleaned chaps of Ep 7 (12-13-14). Please, let me know if they’ll reach you.

      • stephanie

        You’re so gentle *-* thanks for everything!
        I said it before, but I translated chapter 23 ep 5, I just found the raw so I might edit it and send you the full chapter translated 🙂 Of course, I’ll have to see a lot of tutorials around there XD but I’ll do anything for umineko, even more, I will start right now *-*
        If I’m fast, I might finnish it for monday *-* (I have soo much free time…that’s almost sad XD)
        Please tell me if you agree n-n

  10. Hello! 🙂
    Are you still searching Episode 3 – chapter 10 and volume 5? Since I have the volumes, I could give you a hand! ^o^

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi sweet. Actually, volume 5 yes, only the Hidden tea party. if you have it and want to share with us, that would be great =3

  11. Saphir_Rose

    I Have the Japanese Volume of Episode 7 vol one and thus have the raws of Chapters 6 to 8, do you know if there’s a way to scan them without damageing the book?

    And would me scanning it help?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      thanks but we’ve alrady got episode 7 raws from 6 to 8 XD
      but we really appreciatte your offer to help us

      unfortunally, as I’m someone who is scanning episode 2 now I can tell you for sure that i don’t know a way to scan anything without damaging the manga. My episode 2 volume 5 is already ripped and there are even some pages flying around my room…

  12. Van_Dine

    I would like to help you guys,
    I have experience fixing raws and cleaning
    I’m very confident in my skills for cleaning.
    if you would like to see what I’ve got, I can do a sample page of your choice ^^
    Contact me if interested.

  13. Buu-Huu

    i´ve found matsuribayashi vol. 8. the last volume of this serie.

    at this side, there are some download-links of a few filesharing sides:

  14. I can be Higurashi Jan Translator if you like xD
    I already did few translation jobs of Japanese=>English translation in my life if you’re asking.

  15. rikassavior

    Did that ever end up turning up any chapter 2 raws?

  16. JJ

    This person might have scans for Umineko Episode 2 since on her blog there are snippets of it.

    In her project page she also says: “However, if you represent a scanlation group or community and is/are interested in my raws for scanlation projects, drop me a “PM” via my email: ayumikat.tbp[a] I will respond accordingly.”

    So maybe can you consider asking her?

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