Episode 8


This arc is complete and you can read

 it online on Batoto or Mangafox


8 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. will

    Guys! Full torrent when? 😀

  2. Guys, page 16 from chapter 26 looks… weird. O.o

    • JJ

      Somehow Batoto messed it up. Try Mangafox where it’s okay.

  3. carlosgmf07

    Thanks For the Work
    ¿Could you please enable the Full Download link of the volume 7 and 8?

  4. On Baka it says the series has 9 volumes, but this episode ended in volume 8, right?

    Oh, and do you guys have plans on what to do after Umineko ends? Maybe some side stories?? *hopeful*

    • JJ

      No, Ep 8 has 9 volumes. Here you see only nine because when this page was prepared we didn’t know how many volumes there would be and which chapters they would contain.

      As for the side stories it depends if translators will come up.
      No translators no side stories, even if we’ve raw for some of them (Forgery, Epicode collection, case collection, many 4 koma, Tsubasa)

      • I see, even Batoto can be wrong.

        I hope you guys get the translators. You’ve been around for a long time and it’d be sad if the group was dismantled… At least I think people must get along well to work for such a long time together over the internet or really, really love what they’re translating.

  5. Mr. E

    The project pages for Episode 6, 7, and 8 are outdated compared to the individual chapter releases. also the download links for everything from before [episode 7 chapter 21] [episode 6 chapter 17-24 + tea party + hidden tea party] and [episode 8 chapter 11-28] are all down. for clarification, the chapters i mentioned in those boxes have working links, anything before that is not working

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