Episode 3


This arc is complete and you can read

 it online on Batoto or Mangafox


42 thoughts on “Episode 3

  1. I can say it in red now. The translation bit of episode 3 is now complete
    Once the typesetting and proofreading are done Episode 3 will be complete!!

    • Magnum

      Will this next release include an chapter from Ep 3?

      • Nabiki Asakura

        Definitely =]

        • Magnum

          Thank you for the reply.

          My brother will be glad to know he finished the Rokkenjima Incident.

    • Aether

      Thanks a bunch to everyone that’s involved! I’m hooked on this series, can’t stop reading it lol

  2. Aether

    Looking forward to reading the rest of this! Keep up the good work, it’s an amazing series that deserves to be translated.

  3. Working hard on this guys! Don’t worry we’ll complete it!

    • Took a break in April but will go full steam ahead this month

      • Edgler

        You’re gonna release all the missing chapters form Ep 3 in May?

        If so, that’s gonna be tough. Good luck.

  4. Walter White

    Will the next chapters released finish the main storyline? I mean as in the Rokkenjima part of the story, not the Tea Parties.

    • JJ

      Nope. In total Ep 3 counts 20 chapters + the 2 teaparties. We’re at chap 17. When a new chapter will be released we’ll still miss 2 chapters and the 2 teaparties.

  5. Deathjester

    sorry again, but may i get some links or something for Episode 3 vol 2,3 and 4?
    I know that It’ll be annoying but I can’t access to the “Livejounal” where you said that are the new chapters of episode 3…
    so If you can provide me (and us because I think that the others may think like me or have the same problem) some links, I’ll be so grateful for it.
    Thank you so much, I love your work. =)

    • JJ

      You’ve to get an LJ then ask to become a member of the community.
      I don’t think Nabiki or anyone else will post links out of LJ as they were removed from here and purposely placed there and posting links here would defeat the purpose due to which they were removed.

  6. Magnum

    I’m sorry to rush you guys, but is there an ETA on when this Episode will finish with translation? I just read through Eps 1-4 of the VN, and 4 made me cream my pants.

    The thing is my brother wants to save the VN for a re-read of the series,so he’s reading the manga instead. He’s dying to start Episode 4, but can’t do it because only 14 chapters are done for Banquet of the Witch.

    • I’ve already done the translation for Chapters 15 and 16 so it should be coming out soon!

      • JJ

        That’s great to hear! I’ve cleaned the manga pages till chap 18 so I guess all that misses is for them to be typed.
        Considering Ep 3 has 22 chapters (including the Teaparties) we’re getting close to the end!

      • Magnum

        Thank you for the speedy reply good sir. My brother and I may seem a little impatient, but we both appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into this whole series. Keep’ em coming!

  7. Where are the DL links for ch. 13 and 14?

  8. Zee

    First, I want to thank you all for doing this!
    Secondly, I hope you continue! I heard this was licensed, but I can’t find it anywhere!

    • Gwen

      Only the first manga book of EP1 has been released in America so far (which contains volume 1 and 2 of the Japanese release). Yen Press was the one who licensed it, and they’ll be releasing the books in-order, so it’ll be a little while before EP3 books are printed.

      • JJ

        Yes, maybe EP 3 will manage to be released before Yen Press did… the problem will come when they’ll began releasing Chiru, those rights she’ll likely buy soon. Ep 5 is almost finished but Ep 6&7 are only at chap 10 which means more than a half missing and we only have only one chap for Ep 8… I really hope we’ll manage to make in time and I wish I could help more but I can’t translate Japanese to save my life… -_-

  9. Stranja

    You gonna keep translating this episode? Is there a problem with it?

  10. is chapter 12 out? I’ve seen it avaible to read on reader sites and they credits say WTDND Group…

  11. greenguy

    You have to finish this.
    I need to know the rest of this chapter. I’ve seen the anime, but that’s not enough and I need to see the rest of this. I know you’re probably trying your best But I just thought I’d remind you that there are a lot of people who really want to see the rest of this chapter.

  12. everything about chapter 8 was so friggin’ awesome… I can’t wait to see #9 XD

  13. JJ

    Sorry for the question but is Crystalweaver going to continue translate EP 3? Because I’ve just heard Umineko manga will be released in USA and I fear the scanlation project will end up being stopped as it had happened to Higurashi…

    As a not USA fan I beg you to continue scanlating it… though I’ll understand if you don’t feel like it anymore… -_-

  14. uhmm…sorry if I may be troubling you with my question, I’m not hurrying you guys up..just wanna ask..I can wait..^^
    when will you complete the episode three?/updates on episode 3?

  15. there is no episode 3!! O_o

  16. Cozytw

    There are Chinese raws? 😀

    I read Chinese, where’d you find them? 😀

  17. Maya

    I could try and provide a very rough translation of the Chinese version for you… No promises but I’ll try!

    If I do that and gave you the translations, would you be able to use those? 🙂

    • Don’t worry about it, sweet, I’ve bought the manga in japanese so we don’t need to use the chinese scans, it will arrive probably next week, so soon we will be able to continue episode 3

      • Asmageddon

        Marvelous! I’ve been waiting for it a long time so I could start reading Umineko :3

  18. SkieDragon

    Volume 2 chapter chapter 6 is down. Coluld you please reupload it to MediaFire. Thanx.

  19. Pablo

    Keep it up! please don’t stop 🙂
    @JJ thanks for the raws I have been looking those for a while and with no results. ^^

    • JJ

      You’re welcome! I only wish I had managed to find them in Japanese instead than Chinese… apparently Chinese fans have Japanese raws but I don’t know where they get them… maybe they scan them themselves so we can’t find them in the net…

  20. Ann

    Same request: a batch please? XD

  21. JJ

    Oh and here there’s Ep 6 chap 6 always in Chinese… since in the previous link is missing:

    Sorry, I couldn’t find anything better… -_-

  22. JJ

    I know you don’t have Chinese translators but in case you were to find them:
    http://www.dm5.com/manhua-haimaomingqizhishi-ep-2/ (Chap 24-25)
    http://www.dm5.com/manhua-haimaomingqizhishi-ep-3/ (Complete)
    http://www.dm5.com/manhua-haimaomingqizhishi-ep-6/ (Chap 5-9)

    Ep 3 (in zip form)

  23. Justin

    Just a quick thought. If I could track down scans of the entire monthly magazine, would you be willing to pick out the umineko portions?

  24. nabikiasakura

    Yes, however we don’t have chinese translators, so…

  25. Yuen

    There are Chinese raws for this episode. Just thought you should know.

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