Episode 7 End

Hello, everyone!

I’m not even going to talk much, here’s what you’re waiting for (I’ll leave a text after the links):

Episode 7 Vol 6

Chapter 31 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 32 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 33 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 34 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 35 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline


Episode 7 Vol 7

Chapter 36 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 37 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 38 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 39 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Episode 7 Vol 8

Chapter 40 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 41 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 42 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 43 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Episode 7 Vol 9

Chapter 44 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 45 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 46 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline  /  Chapter 47 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

Chapter 48 DDL(mediafire)|ReadOnline

So, after years of suffering, we finally translated and release all of the main Umineko mangas.

If i’m happy, relieved and wanting to break something just because? Yes i am, and I’m sure all of you are too (but please don’t break things). I know everyone who worked on itis happy too. we finally finished it!

Ah, but there are still things to be done. We have a list of umineko related works to translate (click here for more info) but we don’t have anyone to work on it translating, so if you know someone or you want to translate it with us, please comment in this post leaving your e-mail and we will contact you.

Of course, if no one wants to do it, this is our last post. Let’s hope not, but it’s possible, so we want to thank everyone.

We want to thank all the people that are here since the beginning, but also the ones that left already for some reason. Everyone that worked here: translators, typesetters, profreaders, uploaders, cleaners and raw providers, none of this would be possible without even single one of you. People who helped somehow, and the ones that couldn’t help but supported us. People from other scanlators that helped somehow, and people from other scalators who asked for help. People who read it somewhere, and people who download it. And also for everyone that may appear in the future to work with any of the other projects.

Thank, you, everyone. 

We shall meet again, when the seagulls cry

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36 thoughts on “Episode 7 End

  1. I’m a bit late but congratulations on finishing the main series.

  2. Kurotan

    Esta gran obra merecía traducción, y la de ustedes es genial. Con diccionario y google xsi no entendía alguna palabra. Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo y la dedicación. Me pasare por aquí de vez en cuando para ver si hay algo nuevo. Y por si no me entendieron nada…

    Thank you very very very much.

    Ahora a terminar el episodio 8, que me aguante hasta que terminaran el 7 x3.

  3. MiTsuki

    Thank you very, very much

  4. edek437

    TY for work and gratz for completing whole main series.

    BTW If someone is not satisfied with real events on Rokkenjima, here are two alternative versions:

  5. edek437

    TY for work and gratz for completing whole main series.

    BTW If someone is not satisfied with real events on Rokkenjima, here are two alternative versions:

  6. Cozzer

    Seems like I can finally start my “proper” readthrough of the whole story in the right order (I really disliked the anime and can’t stand Visual Novels and their pacing in general, for me the manga is the perfect way to experience this story).

    Thank you for you great work!

  7. Rinbell

    Thank you so much for everything! It’s sad, and a bit lonely, yes it is.
    because somehow, even if I visit this site, there won’t be any newer updates for the series… (not like the site will be dead tho :’3)
    “We shall meet again, when something cries again.”
    Nevertheless, thank thank thank thank thank you for dedicating yourself to make this Umineko available to reach for us readers! 🙂

  8. Daniel

    Thank you for your incredible and talented work of translating Umineko! I didn’t really believe myself to see this day when it would be translated, once again thank you and I hope your next project goes well it was really a joy to read this work

  9. Coma Culture

    I first found Umineko from some odd guy’s comment on Ibitsu, back in the Mangafox days. It really didn’t have anything to do with Ibitsu, but he referenced Battler. I though, ‘what a funny name.’ and googled it. I started with Ep.3 for some odd reason, and read through. The first scene i read is where Battler is brought back to life again and again, only to be violently skewered by the stakes and sneered at by Beatrice. It was gruesome, violent, and i was totally hooked. When my (Now Ex)Girlfriend went to bed, i actually stayed up, hid under the covers and read on the laptop like a kid reading the most fucked up story ever. I was entranced.
    From all the way back then, until now, i followed this thing. The reason i was able to do so is because of you guys. Your dedication made this possible for me and all the other fans as well. Thank you so much, from one Umineko fan to another, i was able to hold this story dear to me for so long because of you.

  10. maximilianjenus

    omedeto shinji !

  11. Stephen

    Thank you so much!

  12. I’m really happy that it is finally finished.
    And I’m sad because it is the end again.
    But fortunately you never gave up and continued working harder and harder.
    I really love your work, and hope I can join you in other works!
    Congrats and Thank you for more and the last of Umineko!

  13. mentos89

    I have no words to describe my joy right now. All this years of waiting is finally over! Thank You All for an amazing effort!

  14. Thank you very much for the hardwork ❤

  15. Val_Hallen

    Thank you… thank you seriously, I can’t say any other word in this moment… you are the best ones 😉

  16. Gala

    Hi all!
    Thanks a lot for all these awesome chapters. I’ve been a follower of yours since years ago, so I’m glad to share this great moment with all of you.
    You achieved it, so congrats on finishing this long series. Thanks for all your hard work and effort, and I hope this won’t be the end.
    See you! ^_^

  17. Urr

    You did it! 😀 Awesome, thank you so much for finishing EP7, thanks for all the effort! Now I can actually read it while also understanding the dialogues, not just looking at the pictures of the raws^^

  18. Unknown

    OMG … I will finally know the whole story behind Umineko …. all of that thx to you guys. I have been following your work for about 6 years now and god … I was already so grateful that you guys took your time to work on this awesome project but now that it is done … it s too hard to describe … but thank you … THANK YOU FOR THAT AWESOME JOURNEY !

  19. Battler

    God i’m crying here ;w;
    Thank you so much to make it possible!!!
    Bring and complete All the Umineko. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much for everything!!!! I will miss you guys so much ;w;

  20. Sofia

    Thank you so, SO much for all your hard work over the years. I have nothing but respect for your drive to complete the project and you should all be so proud of yourselves. I really can’t thank you all enough. If any of you live in London I’d love to buy you a drink or 10.

    Sorry for the sappy reply, but I don’t really know how to thank you.

    On a sidenote to your cleaner – absolutely awesome work, some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  21. freeck

    I can’t be more happy !!

    Thank you very much !!!

  22. iist

    Congratulations on finishing and thank you for all your hard work!

  23. Thanks, i was sure that you guys could accomplish this task, am really grateful from the bottom of my hearth.

  24. danpmss

    You guys are amazing.
    Thanks for all hard work

  25. Ang

    Oh my God. I’m almost crying right now. And I almost pass out when saw this post in my inbox (Also I’m really really sorry about my English ;;).
    I just wanna say you all thank you. Thank you very very much for your hard work these past years. Thank you for fully translate this manga that I love so much. So, again, thank you.
    I can (die) read Umineko from top to bottom (and after reread the VN; because yes, because of suffering). Thank to you.

    I’d like I could help you somehow, and I’d really like this weren’t the farewell. I really hope you can do you other projects… anyhow, you deserve a break after finalizing the episodes, thats sure.
    I’m rambling, I’m really sorry.

    Again, thank you. And take care.

  26. badwolfy

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in these past years! I can’t believe it’s been around 7 years since I first fell in love with this series and that you have held your passion for so long and finished the translation. Seriously. Words can’t describe how thankful we are!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read the whole manga from the first episode 😀

  27. sharkshocker

    I guess I know what I’ll be doing all day tomorrow. Thank you for all the hard work!

    Congratulations on the hard work and for bringing this story to so many of us 🙂 I’ll still be checking this website out of habit, so keep us updated on anything we can help with! Thanks again!

  28. Tessa

    Hey, I’d be up for translating, well, pretty much anything as long as you provide the raws for me! I was actually going to translate the rest of the Umineko Tsubasa manga alone before, so having someone help sounds like a much better and a faster option.

    My email is seireijutsu@gmail.com so feel free to contact me!

    Also congrats on finishing EP7! Your scanlations have always been much appreciated!

    • JJ

      Thank you! Help is very apprecciated! ^___________________________^
      We’d love to continue the Umineko projects as Umineko has so many sidestories that are awesome!
      Though please, if you were to feel you don’t want to translate anymore just drop us a line.
      It’s sad when people volunteers for translators and then disappears without any explanation.

  29. Thank you for all the work! You’re great!

  30. Kumashock

    Holy shit, it’s over. I waited to pick it up until you completed it, and now after 4 years of my stalling (and nearly 7 years of your tireless work), I’m going to be sad not seeing your updates on MU if another translator doesn’t come around. Thank you for everything – can’t wait to read. ;_; ❤

  31. Thank you, everyone.

    “Both love and happiness are the same as the air. Even though it fills the world, if you don’t understand it, it’s the same as if it doesn’t exist.”

  32. Congratulations on finishing Ep 7. ^.~
    The main story of Umineko is now fnished. WTDND thank you so much for all your hard and long work until now. ❤
    I hope, it´ll be not the end.

  33. thanks guys, now I can read episode 5 without worries.

  34. satscout

    You are amazing. Thank you for all your incredible hard work to feed our Umineko addiction. (y) ❤

  35. Thank you very much for you work, and congratulations for the end and for your great effort. ❤

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