Around the World

Want to read Umineko in any other language instead of english? Here you can find a list of scanlators from other countries that are translating Umineko too:

Italian – Itaneko scanlator  or the main site

Chinese – You can read Umineko online on chinese here , or visit the chinese scanlator page.

Korean – Scanlator

Portuguese – Brazil Mangá (Episodes 1-4)/ Ohayo Scans (Umineko Chiru)

French – MiamMiam Team

Russian – Golden Abyss / Russian Higurashi translators – Dorimu Group

Spanish – Majo no Fansub

German – Akuma Corporation

If you know about more scanlators from around the world that are working on umineko or if you have an scanlator and is working on Umineko and want it to be listed here, just send a message telling us wich idiom is it and the scanlator link and it will be added here!


8 thoughts on “Around the World

  1. Lambdadelta Umineko

    Vietnamese Team for Umineko

    From ep 1 to chapter 8 ep 3 – Kick Ass Group/From chapter 9 to Chiru – All For Manga Group

  2. Polish Group for Umineko:

  3. May

    German Group for Umineko

  4. Spanish Team for Umineko & Umineko Chiru:

  5. Lucifer

    Russian Team for Umineko Chiru –

  6. French Team for Umineko (they have only do episode 1 chapter 1 but working for next) :

  7. JJ

    Better page to get the Chinese scanlations is here (no watermarks):
    And here there’s the official page of the Chinese scanlators:

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