This arc is complete and you can read

it online on Batoto or Mangafox


13 thoughts on “Tsumihoroboshi-hen

  1. Cystus



    Never to be finished.

    • JJ

      Well, it would be nice if someone would find it but since it had been officially released I doubt someone will.

    • RM

      It would be nice if someone uploaded the rest of the chapters..

  2. Andrew

    My brother was about to freak out because he thought it stopped weird. I guess he’ll have to watch the anime and hope you guys continue someday

  3. Matthew

    Would be awesome to see this finished. This is one of the few arcs that haven’t been scanned yet.

  4. Hey, when do you guys think you can pick this arc back up again? The suspense is just killing me here. And thanks for scanlating the Higurashi and Umineko series!

  5. froody1911

    The full volume download is dead.

  6. JJ

    Is there any chance this arc will be continued now that Minagoroshi-hen is concluded?

    And even if there isn’t thank you a lot for all your efforts in translating Higurashi, Umineko & Higanbana!

    • nabikiasakura

      Well, i really want to continue this arc someday, but we still have a lot of work to do.
      You see, the problem is that we need someone to translate it. Our translators are busy with umineko and the only one of us who would do it is Ace, but he already have lots of projects, including the new episode 7. However, if someone interested in translating just appears, I would be glad to typeset this arc. It’s actually my favorite.

      • JJ

        Thank you a lot for your reply! Oh, now I understand. I was hoping since Minagoroshi-hen had ended some translators would be free to do the job but I’ve forgotten about Ep 7 having been started… shame on me.
        I hope you’ll manage to find more new translators as well as raws since I know some series are stopped due to lack of them.
        I keep on looking around for raws but so far no luck… ;_;

      • Rena-Ryuugu

        do you have the raw file?

  7. nabikiasakura

    This arc is stopped for now because we’re in fault of translators. Meakashi-hen was made by Enigma Scanlator (http://enigma.4rumer.net/) =3

  8. Hellokitty

    Is anyone working on this Chapter? I really wish to know how it ended. And also,is anyone working on meakashi – hen??

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