Episode7 Chapter 20

So, yes, we want to bring a lot of chapters per month, we want to release everything at once, but things happen and we end up being late  @_@

Unfortunally it seems like we still won’t release any Episode 6 chapters this month, sorry for that. please enjoy more episode 7 for now:

Episode 7 Chapter 20



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Episode 7 chapters 18 and 19

Hello everyone~

We had a two month delay because we were short on Episodes 7 and 8 raws and Episode 6 translator had some personal problems so we actually didn’t have anything new to release, but these problems are already fixed for now and we’re back to our normal schedule already. Please enjoy the chapters:

Episode 7 Chapter 18


Episode 7 Chapter 19


Also, we need a big favor from you guys that read the manga. There are a lot of complaints about errors on the mangas, but none of us have time to re-read everything and search for it right now, so if you’re reading a chapter (old or new) and notice any errors (grammar, empty bubbles, translation, etc), please leave a comment saying so so we can fix it. we’re opening a new section on the right upper corner of the page just for this comments. Thank you in advance!

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Episode 7 Chapter 17

Looks like april’s release will be just one chapter, but it’s more than nothing, at least, hope you all enjoy the new chapter!

Episode 7 Chapter 17


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Yes, we’re alive

Soooo, after 3 months of  nothing, we finally have some chapters for you guys, and it’s episode 6(and 8):

Episode 6 Chapter 15


Episode 6 Chapter 16


Episode 8 Chapter 10


ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry because we already have new volumes that just came from japan for us and episodes 7 and 6 next volume are already scanned and partialy translated, so we will definitely have something for you next month, no one will need to wait more three months for a new chapter.

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