Yes, we’re alive

Soooo, after 3 months of  nothing, we finally have some chapters for you guys, and it’s episode 6(and 8):

Episode 6 Chapter 15


Episode 6 Chapter 16


Episode 8 Chapter 10


ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry because we already have new volumes that just came from japan for us and episodes 7 and 6 next volume are already scanned and partialy translated, so we will definitely have something for you next month, no one will need to wait more three months for a new chapter.

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Last releases of 2013 + Episode 7 back

So, for this year’s last release, we have Episode 7 \=D/

Episode 7 Chapter 15



Episode 7 Chapter 16



Thank you very much, everyone, for supporting us this year again, for your patience when we don’t release chapters in time or when we need to stop for a break, for sharing raws, when you have it, for linking groups from other countries, for always come here and take a little time to comment, for being such a GREAT fandom (everytime we have late releases I open the comments fearing that someone commented something offensive, but everyone’s always so polite and sweet…)..thanks for everything.

As you know, 2014 is probably the year that the manga will end, and we hope to be able to translate everything on time to you. Even when Umineko Chiru ends, we’ll still have tsubasa and maybe more things to work on, so let’s work on this together until we finish everything from this great series!

PS: it’s a random cute photo, we’re not a group made out of beautiful siestas cosplayers. 

But we could be…

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November Releases


We didn’t release anything since september so I’m happy that at least we have something new before december, phew~

Episode 6 Chapter 13


Episode 6 Chapter 14


But don’t worry, everyone, this is definitely not the last release we’re doing this year. Now there’s someone finally working on Episode 7 chapters, but I’m not sure the new typesetter will be free now so I won’t promise anything.  I need to finish Episode 8 volume 2 before 2014 (still need to buy volume 5, by the way…) and probably bring one more Episode 6 chapter. Chances are that it’ll be a christmas release =]

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September releases

Wow surprise, we didn’t drop the projects!

Sorry everyone, for not even posting anything to tell you that the group is still alive, but I really thought that making a post just to say ‘please, wait a bit more’ would be bad for everyone that would eventually see the post and think ‘YAY! NEW RELEASES!…..oh ): ‘. But don’t worry, really, if someday we decide to drop everything and give up on the projects then THAT DAY I would make a post talking about it. if there’s no ‘We Give Up’ post, then we’re fine and working =]

Things are really slow here, and that’s why we’re not releasing chapters every month.

Episode 6 typesetter is studying a lot so she don’t have all the time she wanted to to work on the chapters, but she’s doing her best.

I had some problems here but everything is ok now so i’m back to work, but we’re almost running out of Episode 8 chapters (the last one for now is chapter 10, still need to buy volume 3) so just one more for now.

And about Episode 7, I never heard of the typesetter again, so if anyone want to volunteer, that would be great. If no one wants, that’s fine too, we will eventually get there to work on it.

And that’s it, on to the chapters:

Episode 8 Chapter 08

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 09

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


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