Tsubasa 08 and 09

Hello everyone, how are you? We won’t give you time to rest, here are some more Tsubasa chapters for you:

Tsubasa Chapter 08



Tsubasa Chapter 09




Hope you’re enjoying having umineko material again, cause i surelly am!

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10 thoughts on “Tsubasa 08 and 09

  1. are you guys gonna do hotarubi no tomoru koro ni? its continuation of umineko and higurashi, as basically bern and lambda are having a game while miyo takano shows up.

    • JJ

      It’s highly unlikely as we’ve no scans nor translator for it and we’re having troubles enough to find translators for Umineko. Sorry about this.

  2. chicken

    Thank you very much for this release!

  3. Thanks for more Umineko goodness ;D

  4. iamyourfan

    I haven’t visited in so long and I am so happy to have a lot of manga to read! Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you~

  6. 1993espada

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Ang

    You’re awesome! Thanks a lot!

  8. SuperAs25

    Thank you for your wonderful work!, I ensure you I will read it joyfully

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