Tsubasa 04-07


G U E S S         W H O ‘ S             B A C K


Haha, hi everyone! Missed us? We certainly missed you guys~

We’re back sooner than expected to bring you guys more Tsubasa chapters! Hope  you enjoy it:


Tsubasa Chapter 04



Tsubasa Chapter 05



Tsubasa Chapter 06



Tsubasa Chapter 07



Tsubasa Vol 1 (chapters 01-05)



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14 thoughts on “Tsubasa 04-07

  1. edek437

    hi, can I ask for some contact to you? Thanks in advance.

    i've just brought Tsubasa vol.2 and still struggle to read a whole book.. you're big help!

  3. Just came to say thanks.

  4. Mike

    WOW!! I am speechless!! Thank you for your hard work!

  5. Gala

    Hi there!
    I’m glad you’re back. Thanks for all these new releases! ^-^

  6. Yeah, it wasn´t the end. ^^
    Thank you very much!

  7. zxc

    Are there any supposedly fixed volume release to be re-downloaded if i only have the chapters of all release of Umineko so far?

  8. Ang

    OH MY GOD.
    Thank you! I’m really happy for this! I’m so happy that you’re back, really!! ;/////////;
    Thank you. Downloading now~

  9. danpmss

    Thank you for the amazing job yet again!

    Are you guys planning to do any other Ryukishi manga after Tsubasa? I’m very curious about that “purple forgery” one, and even more for “Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni”, which links Umineko and Higurashi altogether.

    Keep the great work you are always bringing, I love you all even knowing none of you ❤

    • JJ

      At the moment we’ve no plans for Hotarubi.
      We’ve scans for Forgery of Purple, various 4 komas and some anthologies containing more short stories (The First Case, The Second Case and 2 volumes of Episode collections) and Vol 2 of Ep X (sadly we still miss chap 5 from Vol 1 and we’ll love if someone were to share it) so we’d like to scanlate them. However everything depends on the translators. If they get bored, tired or whatever nothing will be scanlated.
      That is unless more people with a good knowledge of Japanese will volunteer to translate for us.
      So sadly we can’t really make promises about what will be scanlated next or if something will be scanlated.
      In the meantime let’s be very grateful to the new translators who helped us allowing us to offer you this new release and are working on the next one.

  10. happy

    thank you for the update. Do you have any plans to translate Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni when it starts?

    • JJ

      Nope sorry. We’ve no scans nor people who’ll work on it (translators, cleaners typesetters) and, if we’ve to start a new project, we’d like to end the other Umineko manga for which we’ve scans.
      Sorry about it.

      • edek437

        You should make some FAQ sections with answer to similar Q 🙂

  11. sharkshocker

    As soon as I saw an update named “Umineko” on a manga website I went and checked here. Thank you for the chapters and more Umineko!

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