Episode7 Chapter 20

So, yes, we want to bring a lot of chapters per month, we want to release everything at once, but things happen and we end up being late  @_@

Unfortunally it seems like we still won’t release any Episode 6 chapters this month, sorry for that. please enjoy more episode 7 for now:

Episode 7 Chapter 20



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16 thoughts on “Episode7 Chapter 20

  1. Xadako †††

    I don’t know if it’s me, or…
    for some reason the links (MF) for episode 7 and 6 chapters are all missing,,,
    I could read it online, yes, but I collect mangas offline, so… help? c:

    • JJ

      Due to various technical problems with Mediafire all our files were erased.
      We would have liked to repost them (expecially since we improved them) but due to other problems the release of the old files was delayed. We’re really sorry about this.
      All we can ask you is to be patient. Hopefully we’ll get around reposting them asap.

      • Xadako †††

        as long as there is chance of you to repost the DL link,
        then I don’t mind waiting! I can’t wait to see another chapters up too ;3
        keep up the good work! thumbs~

  2. Thank you for your hard work – I am really enjoying Umineko. Is there a central place to keep a lookout for announcements about chapter releases? I just finished reading up to chapter 16 on Episode 6/Dawn and am about to begin Episode 7… and I want to be able to follow the new releases when they come out. Thanks!

  3. The mediafire links don’t work anymore. 😦

  4. Thanks for the new chapter!
    I’m looking foward for the Episode 8 releases 😀
    The story is been explained with much more details (and also confirmed Kanon as Canon -no spoilers here, you all know what am I’m talking about-)

  5. Thanks for the release!! 😉 Can’t wait to see the others!

  6. MiTsuki

    Thank you so much for the great job and releases! m(_ _)m

  7. Bryant

    Even though it’s not the episode I’m on, still really appreciate the releases!

  8. Unknown

    Thank You !!!

  9. I’ll wait all the time it takes to have all Umineko completed if it’s necessary.
    So don’t worry about being late, we adore your job and we’ll wait.

    Thank you for chapter 20!

  10. Gala

    Thanks for the new release! ^-^

  11. roto

    Thank you for the new chapter. 😀

  12. BuuHuu

    Thanks wtdnd. 🙂
    That´s life. But you guys are still working on it. That´s the most (and best) important part. 😉

  13. Mr. Dent

    Thank you for the new chapter!

  14. Genichiro

    Thanks for the release, as always. I know how tight school can make things, so no worries. :3

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