Episode 7 chapters 18 and 19

Hello everyone~

We had a two month delay because we were short on Episodes 7 and 8 raws and Episode 6 translator had some personal problems so we actually didn’t have anything new to release, but these problems are already fixed for now and we’re back to our normal schedule already. Please enjoy the chapters:

Episode 7 Chapter 18


Episode 7 Chapter 19


Also, we need a big favor from you guys that read the manga. There are a lot of complaints about errors on the mangas, but none of us have time to re-read everything and search for it right now, so if you’re reading a chapter (old or new) and notice any errors (grammar, empty bubbles, translation, etc), please leave a comment saying so so we can fix it. we’re opening a new section on the right upper corner of the page just for this comments. Thank you in advance!

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16 thoughts on “Episode 7 chapters 18 and 19

  1. Evok

    Hi, the links still don’t work… I’m patient but it’s a bit long, can u do something about it please ?

    • JJ

      We wish we could have already provided but we’re still having problems with the servers. Sadly reuploading everything (which is a work that takes days) to see it being erased short after or to be rendered unable to enter into your uploading account just after making it is trying our patience as well. We can’t even blame the servers as yes, we shouldn’t upload scanlations on them so they’re in their right erasing them.
      So, although I know it’s annoying as hell, we’ve to ask you to be even more patient and believe that we feel your pain.
      I know Nabiki is working to a solution so even if it won’t be as fast as we wish, hopefully we’ll manage to find one… if no one reports the scanlations to the uploading servers again.

      • Evok

        Good luck to you, then 😉

        • JJ

          Thank you!
          To make up for the time you’re waiting we’ve tried to improve the quality of the old releases, correcting typing mistakes (where the’ve been pointed out to us) improving the quality of the spread pages and adding some pages that had been missing so we hope as soon as it can be posted everyone will enjoy the revamped releases.

  2. May

    The download-links doesn’t work anymore. Can you fix it, please?

    • JJ

      We know. We’re trying to fix it but we’ve been experiencing some technical problems. Please, be patient about it.

  3. Magex

    Thank you so much; keep up the good work. I’m dying to read the answer arcs in their entirety.

  4. Soge

    Lovely job as always. Really enjoying this ep.
    One small typo on ch 19 page 11. There’s a line saying “That’s though” and I think it should be “That’s tough”.

  5. ty for the chapters
    nice work! waiting for more 😀

  6. Rotor

    It’s a bit late but thank you! 😀

  7. Genichiro

    No worries, it’s always worth the wait with you guys. Thanks for continuing to work on this series~ :3

  8. BuuHuu

    Thanks for the chapters. ^^

  9. Gala

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  10. Unknown

    Yay !!!! Thank You

  11. Anonymous

    You have done a great work again! BTW, the errors section was a good thing to do.

  12. Mr. Dent

    Hurray! More Episode 7! (Can’t wait for more Episode 6 too, to be honest!)

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