First releases of 2015

Wow, we’re three months later this year, sorry for that @_@

Episode 6 Chapter 23


Episode 6 Chapter 24


Episode 8 Chapter 26


Episode 8 Chapter 27


Episode 8 Chapter 28


Thanks everyone for the support and for worrying about my surgery. I’m 100% fine now and we’re rushing to try to catch up to the official releases of the manga. As everyone may (or may not) know, the manga will end this year in Japan, so we’re searching for people interested in translating Tsubasa and Forgery of Purple logic after we finish it.Please leave a message if you’re interested =]

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38 thoughts on “First releases of 2015

  1. ace frehley

    A few corrupted files in these releases:

    UEP6 Chapter 23: page 64 missing
    UEP8 Chapter 28: page 26 missing

    Any news on this?

  2. Glad your surgery went well 🙂
    I’m late to the party but I could help with translating Tsubasa if it’s JP>EN we’re talking about. I’ve been working on an Italian version of Umineko since 2009 with Ars Magica, so I’m quite used to it by now. Feel free to contact me any time

    • JJ

      Any help would be very welcome! And yes, we’ve the English version of Tsubasa.
      Hum… how do we contact you? I know worldpress asks a mail to allow to post replies here but I can’t see it… -_-
      (on a personal note I’m also happy to see another Italian working at Umineko! ^_^)

  3. Nanba

    Thanks for the new releases! I’m glad to hear your surgery went well.

  4. Gala

    Thanks for sharing!
    I’m glad you’re better! ^^

  5. Unknown

    Yay !!! Thanks for those releases.
    However I have a favor to ask. Could you post the download link of those chapters using another website?

    Lately I havent been able to download anything from mediafire.

  6. Thanks for the hard work as always!~~

    Aaah… the manga is reaching its end huh… Somehow it feels so sad and lonely… I’ve been seeing this manga since 7 years ago TuT
    It’s funny how I keep reading the manga to find the answer, while the visual novel is finished long ago or maybe I could just search on google.. Haha.

    Anyway, the download link for chapter 27 Eps 8 is not ready yet? c:

    • A47

      The DDL(mediafire) and ReadOnline link for chapter 27 of Ep 8 on the post seems to be currently mixed around ^^
      The available link (read online) will actually let you download it via Mediafire~

  7. hello, thanks for the releases! great work, as always ❤
    I would like to try translating, but I have no experience whatnot in translating from japanese so I'm quite unsure. I don't have much confidence in kanji either. What do you think?

  8. satscout

    As usual, thank you for the releases. I noticed the email notification came with a pic of Togame from Katanagatari as the avi 🙂 I really liked that series too.

  9. BuuHuu

    Thanks for the releases. 🙂
    Only one chapter left to finish Ep. 6.

    The new projects sounds good. Hope you´ll find the needed people.

    Glad to hear that you´re now fully recoverd.

    • JJ

      Sadly technically it’s 2 chapters. In the magazine they were printed as one but in the volume release the Teaparty and the ??? are two separate chapters. But I hope we’ll manage to release them together.

  10. ace frehley

    A few corrupted files in these releases:

    UEP6 Chapter 23: page 64 missing
    UEP8 Chapter 28: page 26 missing

  11. A47

    Brilliant work as always! Glad to see you guys are on top form ^^
    As usual, the proof-read/assist blog has been updated and cleaned-up, and the new chapters has had little to no errors found. Good job 🙂

    As for the translations of Tsubasa and Forgery, I’ll be more than happy to proof read it when the time comes.

    Regardless, thank you for your hard work on these projects, and glad everything is going well~ ^^

    • JJ

      Thank you for always pointing out our mistakes! It’s really apprecciated!
      In regard to Ep 6 Chapter 24 – Page 26 though the text wasn’t given in red in the original version. It’s just normal text, not a red truth, even if I can understand how you would expect it to be red.

  12. I hope there will be a reupload, some of the images are corrupted.

  13. fernando

    i want to download the first volumen of DAWN but the links don’t work.
    can you fix them?

    • JJ

      Due to technical problems and real life problems (you might have read about them in the previous posts) re-uploading the old volumes is taking longer than we’d like. We’re sorry about this.

  14. Coma Culture

    I’m actually really excited for Tsubasa and Forgery, if those projects come together. But, of course, Episode 6,7 and 8 are really important too. It’s so surreal, having this project start to come close to an ending, when i read the first chapter of this manga and story so long ago. When i started it, i was with another fiance’, hadn’t even met my wife, lived in a different city. (I read Episode 3 first because i’m retarded.) But what that really says is a lot about you guys. Thank you so much for sticking with this project for so many years. Really, you guys are the real magic about this story!

    • JJ

      Well, first we need to find translators for them otherwise nothing can be done.
      Thank you for sticking with us as well!

  15. Lyendith

    Regarding Episode 7, this might help, at least for the translation. =O

    … well, volume 9 comes out next month, so I guess it won’t be of much use. X)

    Thanks as always. \o\ I can’t believe you almost caught up.

  16. Furudo Lover

    So much Erika in one release…and I really love it! Furudo Erika is BEST GIRL!

  17. kubyt

    tanks for the translate the episode 6 chapter 23 and the episode 8 Chapter 28 are damaged. If you can fixed

  18. Genichiro

    Thanks for the new releases! I’m glad to hear your surgery went well. Hopefully you’ll never have a problem like that again. X3

    Also noticed the MF link for ep8ch27 is on the “Read Online” text. X3

  19. Sorry not chapter but episode.

  20. can someone explain me, in what order I should read Umineko manga. I just finished 5 chapter, but i got lost in all those additional mangas like Higanbana and others?????

    • JJ

      You start with Ep 1, drawn by Kei Natsumi, then Ep 2, drawn by Jiro Suzuki, Ep 3, drawn by Kei Natsumi again, Ep 4, by Soichiro, and so on up to Ep 8.
      Now you’re probably wondering why we didn’t end Ep 6 before starting Ep 7 & 8. That is because each episode wasn’t printed in order (first ep 1 then 2 then 3 and so on) but at the same time. In Japan Ep 7 will end this month… but Ep 8 is already over 30 chapters long.
      To make matters worse we had troubles finding raw for Ep 7 so Ep 7 remained behind while ep 8 could march forward.
      Additional manga like Tsubasa or Ep X aren’t fundamental to the plot as they’re just extra.
      I hope this helps.

  21. Ty so much for more Umineko!
    Excellent work 🙂

  22. infinity09

    ooooooh, thank you so very much for so many new releases!!! Ive been keeping up with the Japanese and Chinese raws, but there were still some passages I didnt get, so Im really glad to have more English translations 🙂

    Btw, after reading the manga, I came to understand that the endings in the sound novel are all just fabrications? After the novel I first thought the real ending was the magic ending, but now its pretty clear that noone -not even Eva – survives in the end, isnt it? And the whole Ange/Touya/Ikuko stuff is also “fantasy”. I just need confirmation on this XD

    Anyways, Im really glad the manga is finally revealing stuff, so Im especially looking forward to more translations of the 8th Episode!

    • JJ

      Ep 8 manga version has just reached the part in which Ange choses the magic ending. Ryukishi has also declared prior to this that to him the right ending was the magic one.
      The red truth about everybody dying refers to the fact that in 1998 Eva dies and that Battler loses his memory and his Battler-personality won’t be resurrected but he’ll develop a Tohya personality. Ergo in his body will live a different person.
      In short the person that Battler was, the brother Ange loved, is technically dead even if Battler’s body is still alive. For more explanations/discussions I recommend the animesuki forum though as it works better for this sort of things.

      • infinity09

        Thanks for the explanaition. Well it says in red “when the seagulls cry, nobody is left alive” and it also says in red “Ange died in 1998” – meaning that the whole conversation with Tohya/Ange never happened and is just the story of Ikuko. And we also dont know what happened on the second day in 1986. Anyways, I will do now what you told me and take a look at other opinions;)

  23. Exdeath-chan

    Yay, thanks~ ♥ And of couuuuurse we’re interested in more Umineko translations ❤

    • Exdeath-chan

      Gyahh, it’s being interested in TRANSLATING, not generally being interested, sorry, I never read things from beginning to the end. Stupid me.

  24. roto

    Thank you for the releases. 🙂

  25. Deth93

    Episode 8 Chapter 28 has one broken file in it.

  26. Deth93

    Glad that you’re better, mate. ^^
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  27. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and thank you once again for the releases! Somehow you always time these right after I finish exams 😀

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