Last releases of 2014

As promised, here are the last releases of this year:

Episode 6 Chapter 20


Episode 6 Chapter 21


Episode 6 Chapter 22


Episode 8 Chapters 11-25





The broken links are all being fixed today too, and if you see any missing links is because, as you can see, there’s a lot of chapters being uploaded today so it’s taking time, but everything will be fixed until the end of this afternoon.

Thank you all for you support this year and hope to see you next year here again!

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42 thoughts on “Last releases of 2014

  1. first, first time here giving my thanks, thank you so much for bringing this masterpiece to english speakers, thanks a bunch

    *spoiler* just in case
    second, if somebody know or they already revelead (I can’t find the VN D: ) in the manga adaptation of EP8 they will show both finales?? (the human and witch one) or will they adapt only one??

  2. maaps

    First of all,thank you so much for all your work! This is by far one of the greatest stories I’ve ever read, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely thanks to all your hard work. It’ll still be awhile before YenPress catches up, and I recently reached this point in Episodes 7 and 6, very confused by the cut-off. But of course, you guys are all still working on it (it’s a huge project after all). Still, just want to thank you again for all your work. Of course I wish it could be out right away so I can finish it, but you guys should take as long as you need. Just know that you’ve brought a lot of joy to a new fan.

  3. I know this is late, I’ve been neglectful in checking in, but thank you all so much for the hard work WTDND!!! I was amazed to see so many new chapters. Nabiki, I hope you are well and I am sorry to hear you had to undergo surgery, I’m glad you are taking care of yourself though! Thanks again for all the time and effort you all put into scanlating this amazing series!

  4. Coma Culture

    WTDND, you are truly great for bringing this story to us without fail each month. I can’t believe you released so many chapters! I am so excited, thank you so much!
    If there’s a donation page or anything to help you out and thank you for all this work, please let me know!
    Thanks again and see you in 2015!!

    • Coma Culture

      Oh, and to Nabiki, we all hope you feel better and please keep us updated on your surgery! Everyone that i show the site to all says they are gonna pray for you, so feel better soon!

  5. Unknown

    Wow you guys are awesome !!! Thanks !

  6. Calst

    I think it is surprising and great release for the end of years
    i like it so much, thank you WTDND, hope this year will be a better year than last year’s

  7. roto2910

    Thank you so much. Please stay healthy. 😀

  8. Kaley

    Oh gosh I was hoping for the Confessions sections so I’m so glad! I did have a question. It seems like every EP7 link I click is down. Thank you as always for the hard work and I hope your health continues to be good this year and for many more!

    • JJ

      Sadly, due to problems with Mediafire all our old files went lost. We would have loved to repost them (expecially since we improved them) but as of now it hadn’t been possible yet. We’re sorry but we’ve to ask you all to please be patient.

  9. Genichiro

    Whoa, go away for a few days, come back, and there’s a whole bunch of DLs. :3 Thanks guys~ :3

  10. max

    is episode 8 alrady over ? the amount of releases amde me think so.

    • JJ

      LOL, we wish but no, the last releases only cover Vol 3-6. Ep 8 is going to have much more volumes for sure, likely more than 3 volumes as volumes now tend to be smaller and the past month they should have released chap 32. So rest assured there’s still a lot to wait before the end of ep 8.

  11. Lyendith

    Hum, little question, why aren’t the chapters on Batoto? =O

  12. A47

    Wow! Episode 8’s “Confessions of the Golden Witch” really took me in…woah.
    It feels so much deeper than the Visual Novel.
    May be the first form of media to bring a tear to my eye. xD
    Thank you again for the uploads WTDND! And happy new year to everyone! ^^

    • I agree, maybe it’s because of the format but the Confessions in the manga version felt way more powerful. It really hit home the fact that Shannon’s body was actually shown instead of out of view (can’t remember that well to be honest, but pretty sure due to 1st perspective she/he was never shown in the VN, having a flat chest, faking her breasts, etc) among others, like the representations of her quasi split-personalities actually being there talking to her.

      They had me reeling as if it was the first time I read it in the VN, holy crap.

      • MiTsuki

        To be honest I initially thought Shannon & Yasu were two different person- real, existing person- & that Kanon was created after Yasu decided to take away Shannon’s pain for Battler as her companion. Manga’s Confession episode was reaaally well done, but it conflicted with some issues imo, such as:

        Episode 7: Lion & Shannon were shown present in the same place together. Taking Confession where Yasu=Shannon=Kanon into account, Shannon became Yasu’s identity after s(he) was pushed down the cliff & sent to orphanage where s(he) developed imagination for magic
        Thus: since Lion existed in the miracle where Yasu wasn’t pushed, any magic, furniture or Shannon shouldn’t have appeared in that fragment at all (& there wouldn’t even be any need for existence of Kanon), unless…they are 2 different entities…
        Logic error?! OmO

        That aside, I never knew about the One Truth of Rokkenjima from VN. It was heartbreaking to see Rudolf & Kyrie (& maybe even Battler? Ouch thank God he wasn’t shown in the panel of murderers tho, I hate Bern -_-) being the real culprits even if Yasu blows up everything in the end. If memory serves me right, Ange just jumped off after reading without making any ruckus, didn’t she?

        Clarifications please, anyone? ><

        • JJ

          Well, a discussion about this topics would probably work better on the animesuki forum than here but, in short:
          Ep 7 presents a world where Bern crammed together two universes, one in which Lion had birth and one in which he didn’t. That’s why Shannon and Lion can be seen together and people are aware of Lion’s existence yet when they talk about Beatrice they realize that, according to the seating order, Lion didn’t exist in their world (if Lion had been present they should have been seated in different positions at the table).
          In a way that world is the world of the catbox before it’s open, where both the living and the dead cat exist together inside the catbox.
          Ergo the Shannon you see in Lion’s world and that can’t remember Lion’s existence is nothing else by Yasu who never got the chance to become Lion.
          The VN hinted at Rudolf and Kyrie being the culprits even if they didn’t outright showed it (someone discovered in the VN they cut some scenes who made it more obvious as the images still exist in the file but don’t show up when you play the VN) but the one who blasted the island away wasn’t Yasu but Eva, to cover everything up.
          Yasu is responsible as she created the setting for that scenario to happen (if she had never challenged the adults with the epitaph or showed them the guns and the bomb they might not have gotten that far).
          So far Battler’s involvement is a mystery but very likely he wasn’t present when the gold was discovered and people started shooting at each other. We’ll see if the manga will tell us more about him.

        • A47

          It’s been a while since I actually sat and read the VN, so let’s see…

          *~Spoilers from here out~*

          It’s good to think Shannon and Yasu are two different people due to the way they wrote it to represent Yasu’s conflicting emotional states- where each persona is a different side. But they really are one and the same 🙂 Simplified, Yasu and Shannon are shown separate due to Shannon being a (wise, clever and beautiful) imaginary friend and inspiration for Yasu, until Yasu grows up and attempts to takes on the form of Shannon- to walk in her footsteps rather than be clumsy and forgetful. This can be seen in Ep7 with Clair’s reading, and more direct with the Manga Ep8 with “Confession”. Shannon is ultimately an alternate personality and dream-like figure to Yasu, which can generally be said about Yasu’s other personas.

          With the oddness of Episode 7, the lovely Bernkastel complied complex worlds together to make this unique Rokkenjima; placing Pieces on the island that she thought was “necessary” to her game. Lion and Shannon/Kanon/etc are to never meet due to the fact that they are one and the same and generally can’t exist on the same gameboard- which is why Shannon/Kanon and Lion was unaware of each-other when being introduced, regardless of status or years employed. Bernkastel just decided that it would push the story onward to how she saw fit. They are the same body entities in different forms forced to meet.

          The One Truth as seen in the Manga really captured those moments well ^^ Following the VN. I believe the Tea-Party of Ep7 should reveal some more to a visual “truth” of the event, as well as the ending of Ep8, so I’m looking forward to that ^^
          Also, the future of Ange is somewhat open due to the VN showing alternate futures for her and with the “Trick”, “Magic”, and “???” endings; so I’ll leave that until the Manga reveals a path for her 🙂

          Anyone else wanna clarify anything? ^^

          • MiTsuki

            Thank you JJ, A47!! m(_ _)m it finally makes sense on Episode 7. Gee, now I’m starting to pity Eva more than everyone else…living in criticisms & a world where everyone hates her till death would make a hell far worse than the others…*hugs Eva*
            Great job, mangaka’s. You guys have outdone the VN imo (except Episode 6 maybe, I’m still disappointed I couldn’t see more of George vs Eva-Beatrice. MUAY THAIIII). Great job *claps*

          • Soge

            One small debatable clarification I wanted to make on Bern’s game from ep 7 was that while Lion and Beatrice are presented as counterfactuals, they aren’t necessarily alternate versions of the same person. If you buy Will’s concept of Beatrice as an idea or a situation, then Lion’s world just represent the reality where no ambiguity exists about Beatrice & the gold’s existence to the family.

            Another general point is that each of the games are presented with the biases and interpretations of the game master baked into it. Bernkastel’s One Truth is simply the most extreme plausible truth based on the sequence of events of that game. It doesn’t represent the most probable culprit(s) because her game was built strictly around mystery and ignores more important elements like motive. When you seriously consider the endgame of Rudolf/Kyrie being the murderers as Bern’s game shows, it becomes much more dubious imo.

          • Coma Culture

            My idea has been, at least from what i gathered, that the murders never occurred in Ep 7. Being that there are no murders, there are no accomplices as thus no one to ‘see’ Shannon/Kanon as separate people, you can either interpret it in two ways: When Lion exists, Yasu never creates Shannon as there, or simply Shannon exists on the Ep. 7 as a piece. When will goes to use ‘Theater-going’ on Shannon in Ep. 7 she goes into Windows Safe Mode when she’s instructed to get Kanon – meaning Shannon is still there, changing places with Kanon. So, either Shanon is there as a piece simply to give Will, a newcomer, clues to the central mystery or she was never there at all. Personally, i believe the former. I believe Shannon was only there because she needed to be to give Will proper insight and clues towards Yasu’s identity, and that Bern simply put her there as a piece.

            As for the ‘One Truth’, i have conflicting thoughts about it. I think its very realistic that Yasu would underestimate the intelligence of the adults – the thought of them being together and tackling a riddle, its almost comical to think that with thier lives and/or fortune on the line that they would be stumped on it. That said, its my understanding that the ‘forgeries’ of Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 were written by Shannon/Yasu before the murders actually happened, and that Ep. 3 – Ep. 6 were Batller’s recollections as Hachijo Toya. With this, i can kind of understand why Kyrie and Rudolph are depicted so nicely in these Episodes, but i wonder why they go from being normal people to complete sociopaths in Bern’s retelling. I wonder where they lie in those descriptions – and why in Ep. 8 they seem to be blameless. I also have to ask, in the reveal of Kyrie and Rudolph being the culprits, they seem to quote past games as evidence – such as Kyrie’s call to Battler in Ep. 4. But, i thought the culprit of the Episodes was Yasu/Shannon/Kanon? Did Kyrie and Rudolph commit any of the murders besides Ep.3 and Ep.7?

            And i’m pretty sure with how Rudolph talks to Eva and the way they talk about Battler – only taking him to the Kuwadorian if he agrees with thier plan – that he had no idea they would do this. I think he only escapes because Kyrie and Rudolph are going to give him a chance to join them, and while they are doing that, Eva kills them. I’m fairly certain the only people in the hidden gold room at the heart of the True Rokkenjima incident are all the adults and Yasu.

          • MiTsuki

            @Coma Culture:

            I agree with your idea of Shannon being a piece on the gameboard of 7th game. What Bernkastel mentioned about assembling everything despite defying common sense (more like a sick ‘miracle’ imo >___>) for Will to solve the mystery, this concept seems about just right (Y)

            From what my friends & I have concluded…there are probably 2 worlds- reality & alternate magic world. Reality is where the adults blasted away each other’s face while the latter is where Golden Witch Beatrice & Battler is: magic given birth from ideas, ideals, assumptions & deductions (I believe Ryukishi07 also made us readers choose to believe whether this world is pure delusion or real magic)
            Like what JJ stated, Yasu can also be considered as culprit in the sense that she set up a situation where the adults eventually resorted to killing each other. Kyrie was also already a psychopath from the very beginning, she was just not showing it yet for the first few episodes XDD in few last chapters of episode 7 tho (to be updated soon!), Rudolf can be seen why he simply followed her whim to killing everyone else is due to his awful need for money & fear of her persuasion & threats. Meanwhile, Episode 8 was a story/assumption/game weaved by Battler/Touya/some-peace-loving-dude-maybe who wanted peace for Rokkenjima, which is why no one was seen chewing out anyone’s arse; even the initially selfish Eva & scary grandpa became so loving in said gameboard

            About how Battler managed to leave the island alive, I read somewhere that he discovered Yasu by chance & followed/went with her (forgot how it went but somehow they both ended up there) to underground submarine base. He was trying to save them both with a motorboat Yasu prepared beforehand (if you read VN too, in magic world, Beato revealed a motorboat she hid under a veil & told Battler to escape Rokkenjima by himself using that) but Yasu jumped into sea out of guilt, before he tried saving her & resulted in himself being swept away by waves, lost his memory & became the current Hachijo Touya

  13. Thank you so much for all these chapters!!
    I didn’t expect it D:
    Excellent work, and Happy new year to you and all the crew! 😀

  14. I’m really, really happy. You is my Santa Claus. Hontou ni arigatou. A great year for you.

  15. alexmola

    OUTSTANDING work! Thank you team for giving us this present to celebrate the new year

  16. Thank you for your work, happy new year and we hope to see the conclusion of this manga next year! 😀

  17. Meowkastel

    I have a question
    The links for EP6 seem to all point to the same download…
    perhaps there was mistake in typing the post?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      I’m still waiting for a day when we will release chapters and mediafire won’t mix the links….
      Fixed it, thanks for warning and happy new year /o/

  18. Lyendith

    Oh my god what kind of release is that XD

    Can’t wait to read Confession. =3 Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year! You deserved it!

  19. 3 Chapters of Ep. 6 and you just unloaded a ton of Ep. 8…you’re spoiling us 😛

    Thank you to all the staff for their hard work and dedication, best of luck to everyone in the new year!

  20. BuuHuu

    Really so much chapters. Awesome! 🙂
    Since Ep 8 has a lot of new releases, I miss a bit of a compact download. But never mind.

    Happy new year. Hopefully it´ll be a good year.

  21. Riley

    Good God, this is amazing!
    You guys are so unbelievable! Thank you!

  22. ace frehley

    The links for ep6 21 and 22 are missing, it’s the same link as ep6 c20

  23. Gala

    Thanks a lot for these great releases and all the hard work!
    Happy New Year!!! ^_^

  24. Me

    Hope you get back to normal soon Nabiki, you guys are doing an awesome job!!!, thanks a lot for your concern with us fans to continue with this great work!!!, happy new year guys!! my best wishes for 2015 🙂

  25. MiTsuki

    Thank you so much! This is such a nice gift for new year! HNY everyone! ❤

  26. Valhalla

    Thanks you so much WTDND! I wish you all continued good health and a happy New Years! Time to finish this year with a bang, couldn’t ask for more.

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