Episode 7 Chapter 17

Looks like april’s release will be just one chapter, but it’s more than nothing, at least, hope you all enjoy the new chapter!

Episode 7 Chapter 17


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8 thoughts on “Episode 7 Chapter 17

  1. Thanks so much! I’m loving this series so far, and your translations are much appreciated! Is there any idea when the next chapters of Episode 6 will be translated? Hope I don’t sound impatient, I was just wondering since I’m dying to see how things end up! 🙂

    • JJ

      We’re working on it but due to some technical problems its release will be slower than planned. We apologize about this but hopefully then new chapters will be released faster… we hope… So please, be patient a little longer…

  2. Unknown

    Thank You 😀

  3. Genichiro

    Thanks for the releases, guys. :3

  4. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks guys, and happy Easter. 😀

  6. BuuHuu

    Thanks guys. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for the 7th and chapter 17 😀
    I want to know what is going to happen now :O

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