Last releases of 2013 + Episode 7 back

So, for this year’s last release, we have Episode 7 \=D/

Episode 7 Chapter 15



Episode 7 Chapter 16



Thank you very much, everyone, for supporting us this year again, for your patience when we don’t release chapters in time or when we need to stop for a break, for sharing raws, when you have it, for linking groups from other countries, for always come here and take a little time to comment, for being such a GREAT fandom (everytime we have late releases I open the comments fearing that someone commented something offensive, but everyone’s always so polite and sweet…)..thanks for everything.

As you know, 2014 is probably the year that the manga will end, and we hope to be able to translate everything on time to you. Even when Umineko Chiru ends, we’ll still have tsubasa and maybe more things to work on, so let’s work on this together until we finish everything from this great series!

PS: it’s a random cute photo, we’re not a group made out of beautiful siestas cosplayers. 

But we could be…

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26 thoughts on “Last releases of 2013 + Episode 7 back

  1. Edward

    Should a little progress loading bar so we can see how you are going 😀
    Keep up the great work!!!!!!

    • JJ

      Trust me, I understand your wish for something close to an E.T.A. as I also wait the release of new chapters impatiently (I can’t read Japanese) but it’s really not as easy as it can seem to make one. I know sometimes it can seem we’re taking a long time to release new chapters but sadly that’s the best with can do. If new people, expecially new translators but also raw donators would be good, were to volunteer into giving us a hand, we could probably work much faster and even resume projects that are on hold like Tsubasa or other Umineko related manga. As it is now, we’re working at our maximum speed so please, bear it with us and forgive us if we can’t tell you exactly when the new chapter will be released. Just rest assured we’re working on a new release.

  2. Blake

    Thanks guys for finishing them up in order for those of us who still want to read Ep 6 :).

    • JJ

      We would really love to post them in order and therefore finish Ep 6 asap and then work on Ep 7 and then 8 but there are various problems that stops us from doing so among them:
      Umineko isn’t printed in order. At the moment Ep 7 & 8 are ongoing.
      Scanlating depends also on getting raws. Nabiki has to buy the volumes and scan them herself. Sometimes we’ve raws for an episode and not for the other. In the past, for example, Ep 4 was ended earlier than Ep 3 because it wasn’t possible to find raw for Ep 3.
      We’ve 2 translators, one for Ep 6 another for Ep 7 & 8 and translations are done according to their free time. When Ep 6 translator is busy or has no raw he can’t translate… but if Ep 7 translator is free and has raw he’ll translate and we’ll post the results of his work because… why wait? Some people aren’t reading Umineko in order as they’ve already read the VN and/or are interested in only one episode which might be not Ep 6.
      For example, the episode I’m the most interested at is Ep 8 as it gives lot and lot of addictional info compared to the VN while Ep 6, although very cute, just follows it and Ep 7 only had some minor additions so far (although Ryukishi said he would use Ep 7 also to give more info).

      So I really hope you can understand if sometimes we won’t post chaps from Ep 6 but chaps from other episodes. We’re really trying to end Ep 6 as far as we can, it’s just not as simple as we wish it was. Many apologies for this.

      • By the way, can you tell what chapters will be in next release :D? Sorry for this question 🙂 Please answer me or say you can’ t answer, if that how it is 🙂

        • JJ

          I wish I could tell you but honestly I don’t know. If it can cheer you up I know currently we are working on 2 more chapters of Ep 6 and 4 of Ep 7.

      • Blake

        Don’t worry, I understand :). After all, this is one monster manga series.

  3. theacefrehley

    Estou tentando te mandar os scripts dos capítulos 17 ao 20 do EP7, mas o e-mail está retornando direto.
    Não sei se chegou a você.
    Vou deixar o link aqui:


  4. Happy new year :3 hey, just oneeee requeest >_< if someday umineko finished, please scanlate higurashi no naku koro ni, ONLY THE MATSURIBAYASHI HEN !! ONLY THAT ONE!! PLEASSEEEEE
    * kneeling, kiss the floorr

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, please, finish scanlating it!!!!

    • JJ

      It would be awesome if Matsuriyabashi-hen could be scanlated but Matsuribayashi hen is being printed by Yen Press already so it’s unlikely translators will volunteer to work on it.
      The only chance for people who had no access to the Yen Press version to read it is to hope someone will scan the Yen Press version like they did for Meakashi hen… and as I hope they’ll do for Tsumihoroboshi-hen. So far however no one felt like doing it as far as I know.

  5. Hi hi!
    Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for these new releases! ^_^

  6. Happy new Year guys, thank you for the great work. :3

  7. Gizmo

    Yeah, Happy New Year ~~ ❤ ^o^
    Thx for the gifts

  8. Lyendith

    Happy New Year, and thank you for your work!

    Speaking of the end of the manga, will you be fine for Episode 8 raws? Because the latest chapters seem unfindable save for a few sample images =O

  9. Thanks so much for everything you do! Happy New Year WTDND!

  10. Thank you!
    And why would we say something offensive when all you guys did was working hard to bring this lovely manga to us? Thank you for all the hard work. You guys rock!
    /sends virtual hugs and kisses/

  11. TY VERY MUCH!!!
    I wish you a great new year!
    And we’ll be always supporting to you! Don’t need to worry about time, if you need a break take it, if you need a hand, ask for it… anything you need, just say it.
    We’ll wait for you and your hard work to be release!

    Happy new year! And let’s Finish this great story! 😀

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work! Happy New Year! (:

  13. Buu-Huu

    thanks for ep 7 chapters.
    and a happy new year.

  14. THS

    Oh my god, I didn’t believe you’d actually release something on the last day of the year but you did, and 2 chapters at that! That’s why you’re all so SO awesome!
    Thank you for all your hard work and I wish you a joyful and successful new year!

  15. worldendDominator

    Chapter 16 mediafire link leads to chapter 15.

    Happy NY!

  16. Happy New Year~

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