September releases

Wow surprise, we didn’t drop the projects!

Sorry everyone, for not even posting anything to tell you that the group is still alive, but I really thought that making a post just to say ‘please, wait a bit more’ would be bad for everyone that would eventually see the post and think ‘YAY! NEW RELEASES!…..oh ): ‘. But don’t worry, really, if someday we decide to drop everything and give up on the projects then THAT DAY I would make a post talking about it. if there’s no ‘We Give Up’ post, then we’re fine and working =]

Things are really slow here, and that’s why we’re not releasing chapters every month.

Episode 6 typesetter is studying a lot so she don’t have all the time she wanted to to work on the chapters, but she’s doing her best.

I had some problems here but everything is ok now so i’m back to work, but we’re almost running out of Episode 8 chapters (the last one for now is chapter 10, still need to buy volume 3) so just one more for now.

And about Episode 7, I never heard of the typesetter again, so if anyone want to volunteer, that would be great. If no one wants, that’s fine too, we will eventually get there to work on it.

And that’s it, on to the chapters:

Episode 8 Chapter 08

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 09

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


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31 thoughts on “September releases

  1. Hi, I know this project is on delay because of some accidents.. I don’t know how to typeset but I can clean. Do tell me if I can help xD

  2. pallendrome

    thank you guys so much! As long as I am eventually able to read the whole manga I don’t mind that it takes time! Please don’t give up you’re all so wonderful and so close to completing this amazing project!

  3. Magefeanor

    Thanks for the releases!
    Been slowly reading my way through the episodes, currently on episode 6.

    Anyways, can’t wait for more episode 6 chapters 😀

    Keep up the good work! You guys and gals are awesome

  4. Hail from Brazil! I love your work, guys. I want to thank you for all that fun you all have provide to me (sorry if i committed some English vocabulary errors :I) and i also want to say that all of you are doing a great work. Umineko will always be my favorite manga, so i need to thank you again for this! See ya! 😀

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Oi Ayrke =D
      É sempre legal ver brasileiro comentando aqui, eu fico mó feliz! Não se preocupe, pode comentar em português sem problemas se quiser (mas inglês também é bom já que o resto do grupo, tirando um tradutor, é de fora do Brasil).
      Obrigada pelos elogios e obrigada por acompanhar o scanlator =]

      • Olha só! Que legal! xD
        Não imaginava que a maior parte do grupo seja Brasileiro, senti um orgulho grande agora! Como eu disse antes, parabéns por sempre fazer um bom trabalho e a notícia de vocês serem Brasileiro me deixou até meio “mas heim?”. Bom, só isso mesmo. Obrigado e continuem com o bom trabalho! Amo vocês ♥

        • Nabiki Asakura

          Sim, o grupo originalmente era todo brasileiro, aí o pessoal foi se afastando e o povo de fora foi participando mais e no fim misturou tudo, tem um de cada país praticamente XD
          Nós chegamos a começar a tentar fazer em portugues quando o WTDND começou o epi 4 mas aí ficou bem chato refazer tudo que a gente já tinha feito só que em outro idioma, aí acabamos ficando só no inglês, mas existem grupos (até onde eu me lembro) trabalhando em port. Obrigada pelo apoio ao grupo =D

      • danpmss

        Mas então os tradutores são brasileiros (ao menos alguns deles)?!
        Que orgulho eu sinto agora, sou super fã do grupo e já acompanho o trabalho de vocês já tem uns 2 anos 😀
        Boa sorte com tudo e continuem com o magnifico trabalho!

        • Nabiki Asakura

          Olá =D
          Sim, eu acho engraçadinho como o pessoal fica ‘OH MEU DEUS, BRASILEIROS???” haha XD
          mas o fato é que eu acho que ninguem do grupo é realmente americano, tem um em cada canto do mundo se não me engano, mas ninguem dos EUA em si, mas como inglês é praticamente universal fica melhor pra todo mundo se ficarmos nesse idioma mesmo, dá pra muuuuuito mais gente ler e os outros scanlators estrangeiros (e o brasileiro mesmo) se situarem melhor =]
          Muito obrigada pelo apoio!

  5. Genichiro

    Thanks for the release! You guys are doing great~ :3

  6. Fariacchi

    Thank you for the releases :’)
    You guys are awesome.

    Anyway, I want to let you know that I’ll be happy to help on Episode 7 typesetting.
    You can contact me by email 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for the new releases! Glad to hear that things are well. 🙂

  8. Chris

    Thousands of thanks for the release!!! It’s great to know you’re still working on the project despite the difficulties you’re facing at the moment.
    As for the typesetting of Episode 7… what does that require exactly? Because, as long as it doesn’t imply massive translations , I’d be interested in giving you a hand when I have some free time :).

    • Nabiki Asakura

      well, it’s just inserting the translated sentences in the page, you don’t really ned to translate anything. You will just need to know a bit about editing because sometimes sentences are in front of an image and we can’t just erase it. If you want to help, please send and e-mail to =]

  9. Lyendith

    Hi, I’m the Umineko translator for a French team! We have sent you several mails about the raws, but it was like 2 months ago already… so I wanted to ask if you had received them?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hello, i’ve received one e-mail but I answered it…
      Anyway, the raws I had stored online were deleted by mediafire, something about japanese copyrights (I don’t even know why, since I bought these mangas myself to take the raws, but I guess that sharing it online is a problem?@_@), but feel free to use our translated pages =]

      • Lyendith

        Oh, so that was it… damn copyrights TT^TT Yeah, I don’t think sharing them for free on the net is exactly legal, even if you bought them (… because for the chapters to be available on the net, someone has to buy them first anyway).

        I found the first chapters of Ep5-8 on the website of Square Enix, but after that… even the Gangan Joker issues are no longer put online since September(for the same reason?), so I don’t have the chapters after 19 for Ep8 either… and I was especially looking forward to chapter 20 since chap 19 was so different from the VN. 😥

        I might use your English translations if we don’t find anything, but only as a last resort…

        Anyway, thanks for you answer. =O And the raws you already gave us.

      • Ariya Vanna

        I hope the dawn of the golden witch will be finished soon

  10. Strega

    keep doing it. you’re fantastic, i really don’t mind to wait.
    Sorry if my english is not very well, i am still learning (although i read the manga in english =)

  11. danpmss

    Thank you guys, i love you with all my heart!!
    When i learn japanese advanced stuff (kanjis basically), i will try to help as much as i can.

  12. Thanks a lot of the release guys, and please don’t give up 🙂

  13. ty so much!!!!
    I really really wish you to not drop or give up with this project!
    It almost the end… and your work is amazing!
    don’t worry about time, we’ll wait. ;D


    “I’ll serve the master until the end of my life”

    … Well, you’re already kind of dead, Genji. :þ

    Thanks a bunch for the chapters! I just love how the manga of Episode 8 answers all kind of questions about details (like the weapon used to blow up the faces) while tying them naturally in the dialogues. And that scene in chapter 9 never fails to make me shed a tear. 😥

  15. Thank you very much! You rock!

  16. Rheine

    Thank you very much for your hard work! You guys are really awesome and kind.

  17. Meg

    It’s awesome to see new chapters!
    Thank you a lot for them!

  18. Ariya Vanna

    this is the first chapter that make me cry a lot, really touching ;_; and when she wake up she will be all alone again..

  19. Hi hi! I’m glad you are back. ^_^
    Thanks a lot for these new releases! ♥

  20. thesweeper

    Thanks a ton for the release!!

  21. BuuHuu

    thanks for the update.
    and much more thanks for the releases. ^^

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