Episode 5 end

Hi everyone!

You’re probably kind of mad because nothing was released last month, however since we finished almost all Episodes these kind of things will happen more frequently because we don’t really have a lot of chapters to release at once for now. But we sure will continue to work hard to be able to finish Episode 6 as fast as we finished Episode 3, and there’s episodes 7 and 8 too.

Also, about the full volume links, I want to wait until we finish all the chapters to release it, because there are pages missing from some old chapters and some need to be fixed one way or another so working on it now would probably delay more or less  new chapters release. All the chapters links are working fine (I guess? If anyone notices a broken link, please tell me) so it’s ok for now.

Anyway, what everyone was waiting for, Episode 5 last chapters:

Episode 5 Hidden Tea Party Part 1

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 5 Hidden Tea Party Part 2

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 6 Chapter 12

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 07

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Can I also say that I cried while I was typesetting Episode 8 chapter 07? I doubt anyone can read it without crying or smiling in the last 5 pages…..

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38 thoughts on “Episode 5 end

  1. anonymous

    September already and no new chapters. i hope they remember about it.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Ah, our principal typesetter is moving right now so she didn’t have time to really typeset anything, and I didn’t really want to make a post just to say that because everyone is waiting a release post so just make a ‘sorry, no releases for now!” post is sad…

      • Meg

        I understand it can be sad to make a post to say “no news due to (insert reason here)” but to see no updates and think you might heve decided to drop the project is sadder and scarier.

        We really apprecciate your effort in scanlating Umineko that’s why we worry so much you might decide to drop it. We might sound whiny, but we don’t mean to. We just love your work.

        • Takahashi Hotaru

          I agree wholeheatedly

          • anonymous

            I want to know if there are ging to be releases this month. Please, don’t give us false hopes (at least for this month)

  2. Just I am

    do you guys continue to higurashi no naku koro ni jan?
    or where I can found higurashi jan raw manga?
    please help me.

  3. can someone tell me where to find the download links for episodes 1 to 4? thank you 🙂

  4. Lib

    In my opinion, the EP8 manga is actually superior to the VN version so far.

    So many things they’ve added and changed, it makes it seem like ryukishi rushed EP8 and went back to have certain things added for clarity, and to give some kind of conclusions for all the characters. The manga has so far completely re-done the Halloween party in a way that incorporates the character’s background stories AND adds new scenes for better emotional impact and conclusion. I love it.

    I’m sure most can agree that these scenes that you can only obtain from unlocking them felt kind of tacked on.

    • JJ

      I agree. Ep 8 manga version so far is much more awesome than the VN. The characters are better developed and the pieces are more heatmoving. Also there are additional hints and stuffs that clear up better some scenes.
      So far it really is an awesome work!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing and all your hard work! ♥

  6. Juanita

    Oh my, the “Natsushi is inocent moment” was the part I was waiting for. I was moved.

    Question!: The last pages of episode eight, that was in the visual novel? I dont remember that part. Was before the quiz tournament?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      I actualy don’t know, i don’t want to play the vn before ending the manga, but maybe anyone here knows?@_@

      • Coma Culture

        The scenes currently in Episode 8 are extremely heartwarming bonus scenes unlocked by getting all the questions right in the quiz tournament section of Episode 8. They were only optional in the game, but here the author worked them in to the narrative. I really suggest you view them. They bring closure to the characters.

    • jpcljc@hotmail.com

      Nope, it wasn’t. And it is a really great addition.

  7. Yeah me too. in chapter 8, i’m almost crying after read that.
    very touching scenes between Rosa and Maria
    but I think the scene was more touching in the VN

  8. nignog

    i also want to download episodes 3 & 4 but your livejournal thingy seems to be empty 😦
    any pointers on where to get them please?

    • JJ

      You’ve to inscribe to Livejournal and then you’ve to join the community secret-banquet. If you aren’t a livejournal member and f you don’t join the community you can’t see anything.

  9. froodz

    Just wondering if I’ve understood you correctly: You’ll be releasing volume links for Episode 5 only after you’ve finished all the other Episodes?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Yes because there are chapters that seems to have some missing pages and some were poorly edited and we won’t be able to take old chapters and work on it again to fix these things if we want to be able to finish the last episodes soon. The donwload links for the chapters are all working but if you find any errors just let me know =]

      • Buu-Huu

        the download (link) of ep8 ch7 is fine. you can download it without problems. but when you extract the file, then the error occurs.
        maybe uploading again or to make sure: make a new archive file and then reuploading.

  10. ohhhhhh!!!! This is GREAT!!
    I was waiting for it!!! Last chapters of episode 5!!!
    And as you said, I think that the last chapter would make me feel very depress or sad? I think… buuuuut I’m going to read it when You finish episodes 6 and 7 😀

    By the way, I just said Thanks? NO? ok

    THANK YOU VERY MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!! I think that I Love you(?) hahaha TY!

  11. anon

    thank you so, so much for all your hard work *gross sobbing*

  12. Coma Culture

    Wow! Guys, thank you so so much! Every new release i’m astounded. It only takes you guys one month to do several 60+ page chapters? And Episode 8 is coming so perfect. Please, translate it to the end! This adaptation is so important to so many people. You guys really are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work!

  13. Genichiro

    Awesome, you guys got another episode done! I can’t wait for you guys to finally finish! :3

  14. Takahashi Hotaru

    Yes! Magnificent! Thank you guys!!!

  15. Aether

    Episode 5 has the best Tea Party. I don’t see how you can top this one!

  16. Xbrain

    Episode 8 is corrupted at page 34 for both links.

  17. sharkshocker

    ah thanks a lot for finishing ep 5…onto episode 6!

    noticed a slight error on ch 5:27, page 9: erika says “my theory has now loopholes!” but the rest is awesome like always 😀

  18. BuuHuu

    yeah. thanks a lot.
    congratulations on finishing episode 5.
    it seems so. i also have this problem at ep8 ch7.

  19. Unknown

    OMYGASH !!! You just made my day !! Thx !!!

  20. guy_smiley

    Woo, got now, thanks! p35 of ep8 ch7 is corrupted apparently, dl’d twice corrupted both times.

  21. Aether

    Just when I was heading to bed. Going to be a long night. Thanks WTDND!

  22. fernando


  23. guy_smiley

    Yup, no links.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Because I’m actually pretty cruel.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      I mean, sorry, I’m still wating for it to upload. 83%….

      • guy_smiley

        Oh wow, yeah uploads kinda suck on my connection too.

  24. Is it me or there are not links?

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