Episode 3 last chapters

Well, yes, late releases again. But it’s ok because this time we have EPISODE 3 LAST CHAPTERS! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!



but I can’t because this is just a blog, so let’s move on.

I’ll just add here the read online links, just to be sure that everyone will be able to find it. If you want to download it, you know where you can find the download links.


Episode 3 Chapter 19


Episode 3 Chapter 20



Episode 3 Tea Party


Episode 3 ??? Tea Party


Now everyone can move on to Episode 4 and 5. We already have Episode 5 last chapters translated too so maybe we can release it until next month too =D

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33 thoughts on “Episode 3 last chapters

  1. fernando


  2. Meg

    I really thank you a lot for the ending of Ep 3 though I’ve to confess I was hoping in a release for the end of June as well… *sigh* should we consider this post as the release of June and wait till the end of July for a new release?

  3. anon


  4. Guilherme

    Thanks soo much for translate this. Now i just need to wait to the Ep5 Final, Hidden Tea Party, to move onto the 6 😀

  5. Guilherme

    Thanks soo much for translate this. Now i just need to wait to the Ep5 Final, Hidden Tea Party, to move in to the 6 😀

  6. Blaze

    Aw yiss. I just finished the EP 4 and wanting to rush the EP 5, but I guess I’ll have to wait til you have it all published. Thank you guys for doing all this work, it must be very hard and full of pressure but the quality of scans and translations are worth it.
    At least I know that this year I will finish reading it, finally, after all those years don’t wanting to read the vn. Thanks again!

  7. valen

    why can’t I see any download link in the livejournal?
    can you post the download link in the wordpress?please…

    • JJ

      You need a livejournal account and to join the community before you can see the links.
      Links can’t be posted here due to Umineko being officially released by Yen Press.

  8. Sage


    Will volume downloads be available soon on the group?

  9. Takahashi Hotaru

    Oh yea forgot to say something


  10. Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did when I was translating! It has been a pleasure translating Episode 3 and I’ll move on to Episode 6 now!

    • Aether

      Yeah, the series is very enjoyable. I’d wish they’d get translated and come overseas. I’d buy them all.

      I’m currently on episode 6 so I’m in luck. Episode didn’t have an ending however and six started a but weird so something important must’ve happened in that final chapter. Lol

    • Zero-Q

      Your dedication is much appreciated.
      Thank you. :3


    I have been neglecting my duties since Animal Corssing came out, so I am a bit late! Thank you sooooo much for the hard work! I’m so excited to get to see Episode 3 unfold in manga form >w<

  12. couruptstudent


  13. Takahashi Hotaru

    Thank you guys!!

    Loved that episode

  14. i don’t find the download links

  15. tnks for the last chapters. i like your work, i hope you continue doing

  16. YEEEEY!!!!
    love you guys ❤
    finally i will finish it 😀

  17. Anonymous

    Thank you so much! ❤

  18. fernando

    THANK YOU now just waiting for EP5 final

  19. *Read this post after finishing chapter 18 of episode 3*

    Really glad I can continue reading it again~

  20. Read it after finished chapter 18 of episode 3

    Really glad I can continue to read it again!!

  21. narengoku

    Thank you very much for finishing Episode 3 guys…

  22. Magnum

    My brother says thank you. He was jumping out of his seat when he heard this news.

  23. BuuHuu


    Thanks a lot guys.
    And congratulations on finishing another episode. 😉

  24. Aether

    YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Going to read them right now! Thanks a bunch

  25. Stephen


    Thank you.

  26. Genichiro

    Always worth the wait, thanks for your hard work! :3

  27. Marik

    Nevermind. I found the answer.

  28. Marik

    Where are these Tea Party chapters from? Are they a part of volume 5?

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