Missing Episode 7?

So, I was able to release more chapters before March. Phew, great! Oh, and you will notice that you can not rate the posts, the comments and share the posts if you want (because only now I spent some time checking the “Tools” box of the wordpress….)

Today we have some Episode 7 chapters and one new Episode 3 one!

Episode 7 Chapter 12

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 7 Chapter 13


DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 7 Chapter 14


DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


I know everyone is expecting Episode 5 last chapters, but it’ll probably take some time since chapter 24 is really big and the ???Tea Party too, but we have all he raws already and it’s really just a matter of time until we finish it.

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30 thoughts on “Missing Episode 7?

  1. couruptstudent

    Cant access the livejournal


    • JJ

      You need to have an account and, after you’ve got one, you need to inscrive to the secret-banquet community

      • couruptstudent

        I’ve done that a year ago, but it seems they have not yet approve my request

        • Nabiki Asakura

          I received your request twice and i already accepted it…

  2. Pelo jeito não é só no brasil que tem barraco kkkkkkkk ^^

    Ansioso pelo Tea Party~~

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Nada, esses barracos por causa de release de mangá tem no mundo todo, pelo jeito….

      • Não sabia que você também falava nosso idioma/era daqui. xD

        • Nabiki Asakura

          Tem mais brasileiro no scanlator do que americano em si, na verdade XD

  3. yamisquall78

    Sorry if I spammed you with requests on LiveJournal. I had lost my previous account. And when trying to register using my twitter name instead, any email address I would give would not send me the confirmation email at all. I managed somehow though…

    Oh, and thanks for the releases!

  4. 1kid412

    Thank you very much for the releases.

    I am confused about the statement :

    Today we have some Episode 7 chapters and one “new Episode 3 one”!

    I can’t access the link.

    • JJ

      You’ve to inscribe to Livejournal to access to it.

      • 1kid412

        I’ve registered to LiveJournal. But a message pops out stating that:
        “You do not have access rights to view this entry.”

        @JJ, How do I inscribe to LiveJournal?

        • JJ

          now that you’ve a LJ account you also have to inscribe to the community.
          Go to this page secret-banquet.livejournal.com/profile and click join then you should be okay.

  5. Takahashi Hotaru

    Thanks you guys!

  6. Anonymous Dreamer

    Thanks a lot for all of your hard work! (:

  7. Genichiro

    Yay, more releases~
    Thanks guys! :3

  8. kubyt

    tnks guys

  9. danpmss

    thank you so much (^-^)/

  10. Thanks so much for the releases! 😀

  11. JJ

    Thank you a lot!

  12. galatea79

    Thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^

  13. Thanks for the release guys!

  14. I understand that redrawing is too big a task (though the text in those panels are minimal) but what about the leveling? I think someone forgot to add the layer xD

    Still thanks for the chapters~ Will read them now and download then the others pops up 😀

    • Kyodai

      What about helping if you think you can do a better work?

      Nabiki and Co are always searching for help and I’m sure they would be happy if you could provide some.

      Let’s not forget those guys aren’t professional nor are getting paid (actually Nabiki buys the manga and other people do the work in their free time) and are providing to people like me who can’t help them and if it wasn’t thanks to them wouldn’t have any chance to read Umineko, the scanlations for free.

      It can entirely be that’s the best they can do and that the only other option is for them to stop scanlating.

      Maybe if people were to help more and complain less we could have better scanlations at a faster pace.

      I really don’t want Umineko to end up like Higanbana who ended up being dropped by hingablabla & Electro Majutsu or Higurashi for which no one is willing to volunteer to translate the chapters and this includes also Meakashihen who was handled by Enigma.

      So really, who can should try to help more instead than being demanding if we want scanlations of Umineko.

      Said it, thank you guys for all the hard work you do and sorry for not being able to help you in any way. I really apprecciate how you’re trying hard to continue Umineko.

      • I’ve done my decade of scanlating from proofreading to editing (Yes when I started there was nothing called cleaners and typesetters, only editors….that should tell you how old I am…if not then it you are quite new, eh?) to qualitychecking. Before that I did fansubbing….I’m quite sure I’ve given enough back, what about you?

        In the future don’t expect everyone to be non-scanlation group related. You should from my words already understand that I know what I’m talking about when I refer to adding a layer. Seems like you are non-scanlation related otherwise you’d know what I was talking about.

        Also don’t end up whining or complaining if you don’t know anything. Adding a level layer takes 5 mins to find the right level and then adding it as an action in photoshop. It doesn’t take 5 secs to do on each page in the rest of the chapter or volume. (of course it depends on the scanning of the chapter/volume)

        Ahhh…yes I did it for free too. No donations and no raws asked. Just wanted to point it out before you start complaining about that part. 😉

        If you read my post again, I’m saying that redrawing is a bitch (I’ve done my pages full of redraws too so I know how annoying and tiring it can be) and I’m pointing out that there’s no leveling in half of the pages. This is surely a mistake which I’m pointing out. Sometimes pointing out mistakes helps the scanlators as long as you aren’t going nazi about it.
        Then again I may be expecting a little too much from someone who just wanted to bash someone else and whine about it…tsktsk shame on you.

        I entirely agree that we need more people in the scanlation department. I did say that too in the decade I was scanlating. Even know I tell that to people who wants to try but are scared to fail: “Try it, you can’t fail. You can only get better.”
        One of my important points regarding scanlations was the translators. Do you know how many translators are doing all the title people read? The translators I know do more than 7 titles each, and having one of them hurts those titles.
        So we need more of those……which is the reason I’m learning Japanese. After that I will probably be a all-in-one scanlator if I decide to come back fulltime. Yes, I’m still editing a little here and there while doing my masterthesis. Again…how much do you do for scanlations community?

        The shit about not being able to clean/typeset/redraw/QC/PR because you are no good…is a lie. It just means you didn’t take it seriously enough to want to do it. Everyone can do it and you don’t need a drawing tablet…I’ve done it with a 2 button(not with scroll-button too) mouse for all this time.

        So yes, you did indeed take it out on the wrong person to take it out on. Next time read their post a few times and check if there’s any hints of them knowing scanlation work before you start bashing them.^^

        To the scanlators: Sorry for all this crap. You do a good job already so it’s not pointed towards you. I just can’t stand ignorant people, that’s all.

        • Kyodai

          It’s you who were complaining and demanding and on top of this you end up also being rude calling me ignorant, telling me I’m whining, lying (where?), saying I’m bashing you and assuming things about me.
          So you’ve worked in a scanlating group. It was pretty easy to figure you’ve experience even if you didn’t post your entire curriculum vitae here. The fact you know what it means to add a layer, the fact that I know is unrelated.

          The point was you sounded like you demanded WTDND Group to this and that not as if you were suggesting what they should do to improve and that was the core of my reply. It’s rude to demand from people who’re doing something for free that they’ll work even harder for you.

          And what do you know about me by the way? About my age? Where do I said I’m unable to clean/typeset/redraw/QC/PR because I’m no good? Where do I said I never worked on scanlating groups, on subbing groups?
          I would much prefer to do it than deal with the real life problems I’m dealing right now, thank you very much.

          So stop acting as if you know everything about everyone and have the right to give people lessons because, really, you don’t.

          And if your intention was merely to point out a mistake and I’ve misunderstood you… well you could have done it in a way that wouldn’t have lead to the misunderstanding in the first place because really it didn’t sound like an helpful suggestion.

  15. Buu-Huu

    nice, 3 chapters. ^^
    thanks guys.

  16. Leopard

    Do you have ep5 ???? scanned already? I could start translating while we’re at it.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Yes, but I still need to cut and fix the pages. I’l try to do it tomorrow then

  17. Kuro

    Thanks a lot~ 😀

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