Episodes 5 and 8

So, today we have more Episode 8 and 5. Episode 5 is so near the end that makes me sad, I just love Erika=<

Also, there were two pages missing on Episode 8 chapter 03, but I’ve fixed it in the full volume version(thanks to JJ that noticed it @_@).

Episode 5 Chapter 23

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 04

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 05

DDL(4shared) DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Full Volume 1


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15 thoughts on “Episodes 5 and 8

  1. Is it necessary to read the episodes in order?

    • JJ

      Although the manga aren’t really printed in order in Japan but more or less simultaneously (there had been times in which we had 4 episodes ongoing at the same time and, as of now, EP 5&6 had just finished at the same time while Ep 7&8 are still ongoing…) yes, it’s better to read them in order unless you hadn’t read the visual novel already.
      If you decide to not read them in order references to what happened in previous episodes might make you a bit confuse as well as spoiler you of important details.
      That’s also why many are waiting for Ep 3 to be finished anxiously before progressing and reading Ep 4 & 5

  2. evilson

    is there any update on episode 3?

    • JJ

      Ep 3 reached chap 14 and now we’re waiting for chap 15 & 16 to be typed.

  3. esse suspense me mata Ç_Ç

  4. danpmss

    thank you for everything!!

  5. Gala

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!! ^_^

  6. thesweeper

    Thank you very much!! 😀

  7. Genichiro

    Thanks for the release guys! Anyway someone can set up a down load for just the missing pages in ep8ch3? Seems kinda silly to download the whole volume version for only two pages. XD

  8. Buu-Huu

    oh yeah. ^^
    thanks a lot guys.

  9. Thank you so much for the new releases! I meant to comment yesterday D:

  10. Takahashi Hotaru

    Anyone know of any forums with discussions as the new chapters come out?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Well, there’s the online manga readers sites, there’s always people talking about it in the Episode page and I usually go there too. Batoto is the one we support as a online reader, but people on mangafox like to talk more.

  11. JJ

    Thank you so much for the new chapters! And yes, counting the Teaparties we miss only 4 chapters before the end of EP5…

  12. Rikku

    thanks for the update! :3

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