Which day is today

Ok, today is actually january 9th, so it doesn’t make sense anymore, but the plan was to release it on january 8th because IT’S EPISODE 8! WHO MISSED EPISODE 8? YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! (to be fair, it’s still 08/01 here, still 15 minutes until midnight =<)

Episode 8 Chapter 02

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 8 Chapter 03

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Just to remember again, this week I’ll be removing Episodes 1-4 download links from here until this saturday, so if you’re still starting to read and is planning to download everything later, remember that that won’t be possible, so you should download it as soon as you can for now or read it online later….

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11 thoughts on “Which day is today

  1. benfark

    where I can read umineko no naku koro ni chiru ep 6 raw?

  2. rockymarks

    Wow! My birthday was on January 15th, i got a new laptop to go online with, but seeing Episode 8 and Battler’s conversation with Beatrice was the best birthday present i got. Thank you guys for your hard work!

  3. JJ

    I’ve sent the cleaned versions of EP 8 chap 4&5 and of Ep 3 chap 16-17-18. Please let me know if you have received them.

  4. Genichiro

    Oh wow, another release post so soon. Yay! Thanks guys!

  5. danpmss

    grats for the great work!!
    love you guys soo much 😀

  6. Levani22

    Nabikiiiii You still havent asnwered my question on EP5 >< …. Other than that, Awesome releases as always, Good luck with eveything

  7. Wow! I was surprised to see more releases so soon! Thank you for all the hard work! 😀

  8. JJ

    I’m sorry, I just noticed while reading it there’s 2 pages missing in chap 3:
    They weren’t included in the raw you sent me so I didn’t clean them… have they been removed from the volumes? Is there any chance to scanlate them?

  9. JJ

    You’re awesome! Thank you so much! I’ll be waiting for Ep 8 chap 4 & 5 to clean now! ^_- (and if you need someone to clean Ep 3, just tell)

  10. Buu-Huu

    whoa, another post-release. ^.^
    thanks a lot guys.
    time is relative. 😉

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