First post of 2013!


Let’s enjoy more Episode 5 and 7 before I start talking:

Episode 5 Chapter 22

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 7 Chapter 11

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


So, Umineko is licensed now so we’re dropping the projects. Bye everyone, remenber of us everytime you read the manga in english ;;/

No, just kidding, we’re absolutely not (NOOOOT) giving up on Umineko, but the links from episodes 1-4 will be removed from here, so, download it as fast as you can NOW. I’ll be passing the links to the Secret Banquet this next week so you can still download it there, but if you don’t want to use the livejournal you can alway go to Batoto and read it online. I’m talking about it because I know that there are a lot of people who are waiting to read Episode 4 only after we finish Episode 3, and suddenly deleting the links without warning would be a terrible (but really funny…) thing.

You can notice that the raws page already doesn’t exist anymore, the Episodes 1-4 pages are still going to be there, but only with the read online links (because it took me time to make the Episodes banners and I like it too much to just delete everything ='<).

Looking to the menu you will also notice a new page called “around the world”. This page is about our scanlator friends around the world who are working hard translating Umineko to their own languages, so we decided to link their sites there, however, for now, the page just have the ones that I know, so if anyone knows about more scanlators from another countries, please give us their links and we will add them too!

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13 thoughts on “First post of 2013!

  1. Takahashi Hotaru

    I check here almost everyday now looking for an update hoping for a new chapter 😛

  2. stephanie

    Waaaa! I just see it until now *-* thanks!
    II must say; I translated chapter 23 while I was reading it U-U I just have to edit some things and it’s ready *-* I wonder If it would be of any help? (I want absolutely help you with something)
    If you want to, I will send you the translations (after editing it)
    If you’re already working on that, then never mind ;-;
    Anywaaaaaaaay thanks you too much for doing this!! I’m just so in love with umineko *-*

    P.D; when I say “translated” I mean text, I don’t know how to edit..or clean…and I don’t have raws…I’m pretty useless -.-

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi stephanie =D
      The translator is already working on episode 5 last chapters, so don’t worry, really. Episode 5 will be completed soon, and then we will be able to continue episode 6 too!

  3. Takahashi Hotaru

    Episode 5 getting real. Thank you all so much for continuing to do these. It really means alot!

  4. I’m brazilian, thank you very much for episode 5 Ç_Ç

  5. Buu-Huu

    new chapters. ^^
    thanks gyus.

  6. Genichiro

    Thanks for working hard to start out the new year with releases, guys! Hope you brought in the year with fun and happiness! :3

  7. JJ

    Happy new year and thank you for the updates!
    Just wondering, have you maybe sent me new chapters to clean? Because i haven’t received them… -_-; (I hate mailboxes…)
    Also, is there any chance you can post the pages that were missing from Ep 3 chap 8 & 9 or are them lost forever?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      i have’t send you anything new for now, I’m still waiting for the new volumes to arrive here.
      Hum, i can send it to the translator and ask him to do it, but I’m almost sure it won’t make a big difference because, in the read online sites , for example, they won’t replace it, but I can see…

      • JJ

        Okay, I’ll be waiting for them to arrive. Would it be of some help if I were to clear Ep 3 or do you have cleaned it already?
        Well, it would be lovely if you could manage to get those 2 pages translated. Maybe you could include them in the zip for the new chapter? People who download the zip version would manage to have them and online sites would probably post them then, likely in the wrong place as they’ll likely place them at the end of the new chapter but it’ll still be better than nothing.

  8. Sage

    Thanks for the warning. Just got to reading the manga so now I’ll hoard rather than dl as I catch up.

  9. Michalv

    HAPPY belated NEW YEAR! \O/
    Thanks for the releases (especially episode 7 >w<)

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