So it’s july and etc…

and 07/07 is my bithday. Just saying, i’s not like I’m expecting you guys to say “happy birthday” in the comments. hunf.

Anyway, I know everyone waited a long long long long looooooooooooooong month for new releases, and since I said “I’LL BE POSTING IT NEXT WEEK” last time I bet there are even the ones who want to call me bi*ch, but please don’t do that… after a difficult month to gather some releases, we finally bring you more chapters, including Episode 6 :

Episode 5 Chapter 18

(please wait a litle more for chapter 18 while we’re fixing some pages. Sorry.)

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 6 Chapter 07

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


and check the livejournal, there are new Episode 3 chapters there.

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34 thoughts on “So it’s july and etc…

  1. Guys, tell please… tranlation Higurashi Jan stopped forever?

  2. Cant wait for your next releases WTDND, You guys rock!

  3. Gizmo

    Ohhh good point! Red Truth and Blue Truth surprised me the first time, ’cause I nether saw something like that before… Is that on the original pages ? °0°

  4. I have a question, does the original manga jap version use red ink ? or its just Wtdnd being awesome?

    • Nah, the original pages use something like underlined text to show it’s a red/blue truth :3

  5. JJ

    I wish you a late happy birthday and thank you a lot for the new chapters!

  6. Kagura sumire

    ahaha xD the 07/07 is too my birthday, happy birthday and thank you !!

  7. Genichiro

    Darn, I was too busy the last two days to drop by. XD Happy [belated] birthday!

  8. Nabiki Asakura

    Thank you guys, I’m so happy you really came here yesterday/today to wish me happy birthday*-*
    That’s why I don’t want to give up on the manga even if it’s licensed (BUT NOT CHIRU!), because you are all so sweet and good persons and you don’t deserve to be obligated to waste your money on something you love ike umineko.

  9. nwn happy birthday!!

  10. Me

    Almost forgot… Happy Birthday!!!!
    And try to not each much cake

  11. C.C.Twin

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!

  12. stephen

    Happy birthday. Thank you for making Umineko available for us to read.

  13. Buu-Huu

    in my country it is sayed it brings you bad luck if someone congratulates bevor your actual birthday. naturally, i don´t want that. so you didn´t get my “happy birthday” not until today. 😉
    and now: happy birthday~ ♫ ♪

  14. Happy Birthday Nabiki! 😀

  15. Gizmo

    I thought I could say “Happy Birthday” right now, so…! Happy Birthday! =P

  16. As always, thanks for the release.

    Feliz cumpleaños adelantado, I bet you didn’t expect that.

  17. Unknown


  18. Gizmo

    Thanks for the releases, so much! Little question…? Why do I not see the Episode 3 releases on your livejournal ? In doubt, I create an account on the website but that’s not it. There’s something to do ? Join the community…? (Ohh~~! And for your Birthday, I prefer wait. ^_^ )

  19. Hi hi!
    Thank you so much for these new releases, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

  20. Genichiro

    Thanks for the release! As always, it’s worth the wait! In case I’m busy on the seventh, happy birthday!

  21. Lidia

    THANKS FOR REALEASE! ohh and… if I forget… happy birthday! in case i didn’t send you wishes at 7th July c:

  22. thesweeper

    HBD & thanks a bunch for the release!!!

  23. Sergalt

    thx a lot!

  24. Buu-Huu

    that´s life. sometimes the outcome is different from what you thought. 😉
    thanks for the releases. ^^

  25. Thank you for all the hard work! And Happy Birthday!!!!!! 😀

  26. RockyMiavia


  27. Me

    Awesome!!!! thanks a lot for the hard work, and for the release…

    And in due case I have no connection on 07/07 happy early birthday!!!! 😀

    Hope you eat lots of jummy cake (low in calories ofcourse 😛 ), and get lots of presents!!!!

  28. Anonymous

    OMG~ UPDATES! Thank you all so much~
    And happy early birthday! 😀 Have a great one. ❤

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