Episode 5 Chapter 16

As everyone should know by now, Umineko is now licensed by Yen Press, so we have a few things to discuss here and I want everyone’s opinion, so let the new chapter downloading and proceed to read the big text under the links:

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


I imagine some people are now automatically assuming that we will give up on umineko because it’s licensed now, but such thing won’t happen.

First of all, only the episodes 1-4 are licensed, so we are ok to continue the Chiru chapters, and since we’ve finished episodes 1, 2 and 4 BEFORE they license it there’s no problem and I won’t need to delete it all for now (but that’s just my guess, so if anyone here knows anythin about it please let me know). People suggested us to modify the filenames and I’m doing it from now on and still thinking what to do about the old chapters.

If you’re curious about what we’re going to do when we finish each episode 3 chapter from no on, te chapters won’t be released here (but sure I will still make a release post so the blog followers will know about the release, just the links wont be here).

Michelle, one of our typesetters, said that we should include a “buy the manga in english, support the author!” page, and I really liked and will do it starting in the next chapter.

Just a litle word about Episodes 6 and 8 now: no, the translators didn’t die, but both are busy working and, oh, yes, we have a episode 8 translator… I’m almost sure we will have to wait until june/july to see more Episode 6 chapters, but I think I can wait since episode 3 is the real problem here. Same for Episode 8. We always have more time to release when june starts, so it’s ok.

I don’t remember anything more now so i’ll just end it here, but I’ll be waiting to know your opinion, so please don’t forget to comment if you think you an help or want to ay something about it.

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22 thoughts on “Episode 5 Chapter 16

  1. Naru

    Don’t give up! I believe in you, you are the best. Good luck and thank you. Thank you very much for Umineko.)))

  2. Cog

    Hi. Heard about this project from a friend, and if at all possible, I’d like to offer my help. For what it’s worth, I’m a professional Japanese to English translator, having worked on quite a few projects to date, including a fairly large chunk of an MMO (admittedly one that no one cares about). I also know nothing about the source material unless you count flinging giant roses at people in the tie-in fighting game. That could be an issue.

    That said, I’m willing to work for free, albeit not right away, seeing as I’m swamped with personal projects and actual work at the moment. If any of this sounds at all workable, though, please contact me (or tell me how to contact you) and we can hopefully work something out.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi! Thanks for offering help, please contact me by my e-mail (asakura_nabiki@hotmail.com) so we can talk about it *-*

  3. trilljacker654

    I was wondering do you have the complete manga for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode X

    • Nabiki Asakura

      We had the volume 1, but not volume 2. Since I’m working on something that I call “buy and scan it yourself for the group” I’m planning on buy Episode X too to be able to release it, but just after we finish Episode 3 and update Episode 6

  4. RockyMiavia

    tumblr could work, if maybe you could to .ZIP files? I would love to see Chapter 3 done, I was so confused at the start of Episode 4 and everyone was talking about how Beatrice went ‘Too Far.’ Much like other licensed manga out there, even if we English speaker’s get it released in the country 2. Bookstores are dropping like flies, at least in my corner of the world (Seattle, WA. State) and even if you are lucky enough to find it/order it on the internet and NOT get scammed (Damn eBay…>.>) There’s the issue of money. Of course, 07th expansion should be supported, and at the end of the take i donated what i could to them, but for a story as beautiful as this, you shouldn’t need spare change. The other idea i had is just a very private, closed circle that’s sure to be safe: an email list. Just make it sort of like a newsletter to be signed up to, Discourage (If not disable) people from downloading the images, and include a donation link. As for the general problem with the translators, i’m asking my friend if he can do it, but he’s a mooch that only does it for money or to crash on our couch for a period of time. If anything changes, i’ll let you know.

    Lastly, i just wanna say hello to everybody, I’m a longtime Lurker, first time Poster, and I’ve been reading and exploring the manga for at least the last 8 months, and i cant get this story out of my head! The manga is simply the best way to experience the story. From the simple, sweet family scenes to Beato’s exquisite troll-faces, its addicting. so thanks for your efforts so far. I owe you guys a big sloppy thank you.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Hi, thanks for asking your friend, I understand him, i also love money (8D) and sure, people work for money, but if he changes his mind someday…
      Actually your idea is pretty good, but I don’t want to make it that far because I’m sure some people won’t be able to get it…
      Thank you for supporting us and the author. i also think the manga is the best adaptation so far and that people just can’t understand everything by watching the anime, that’s why i want to finish all the episodes so people will be able to understand it and love umineko more and more!

  5. I’ve been going through Umineko recently, and would really like to see more of it scanlated. I’d like to give some translation a try, I really have no experience in it outside of the classroom, but I’m in my third year of Japanese at the uni, so I can make sense of most things (and can always ask teachers for some help too, if necessary). So let me know if you want me to translate some of it.

    For the page, LJ would be better than Tumblr, I think. AFAIK Tumblr just has password protect on private pages and isn’t really that great for actual communities. Comments are a joke as well, unless you pick the Disqus third party option, but that comes with its set of privacy problems. LJ already has the whole community thing more or less set up. Haven’t made a community there but can’t believe it would be that hard to do.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      So you think you can give a try on one chapter and see if you like it?*-*
      …sorry if that was too much “PLEASE PLEASE DO IT!”, I’m just happy ;-;

      • Sure, that’s why I offered. Send me a chapter at alekth at gmail.com and I’ll give it a try. Also, if you have any translation formatting guidelines written down, that’d be helpful.

  6. Unknown

    Thank You WTDND to keep translating Umineko, I wish I could help you with the translations but I can only translate from French 😦 (which also mean that if you have the french version of any episode 3 chapters, ill gladly translate it).

  7. First up, I want to thank you and your team for all the hard work! 😀 Love the updates and the dedication!

    I’ve been stalking this blog for quite some time, haha, but I figure I might be able to help you by spreading the word that you’re looking for a translator. I can’t make guarantees :(, since I don’t know any translators personally, but if we’re lucky somebody might surface if I post a notice in an art community with Umineko fans.

    The only thing I’m worried about is attracting unwanted attention among the mass, (forbid if someone was to cause trouble….) so I figure I’ll only provide a link to this blog if they approach me. Would that be okay?

  8. Can’t say I know anyone, sorry.
    LJ sounds like a good idea, if it’s both good and private enough.

  9. JJ

    I can help with LJ and LJ community as I manage both by… well quite a long time. if you want I can set it up for you in a really short time and explain you how it works. Or give you a hand in dealing with it.
    LJ is really easy to use and, even though there had been changes through the years, I don’t think it should give you much troubles.

    Oh and again thank you for all your hard work.
    I’ll try asking to the Rokkenjima community if there are translators willing to help as I don’t personally know Japanese translators, okay?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Wow, thanks my sweet, that would be great, you’re always helping us so much!
      I’m couting on you to start the LJ community then (let’s solve the details by e-mail since I have a reply limit here). I never really could learn too much about LJ, but with someone helping I guess I can manage it =3
      And, yes, please ask there and tell me if you find anyone @_@

      • JJ

        Okay, I’ll send you a message through the animesuki forum with my email address. Feel free to contact me there for whatever you can need.
        And I really hope people interested in translating Ep 3 will show up.

  10. Genichiro

    Thanks for the release!
    Unfortunately, the only translators I know are busy with projects for our own group, so I can’t offer help in that department.
    As for what to do about licensing, the buy the official page is a great idea, and I think livejournal would be best, since you can make that member’s only, to keep it from being spread around to those who like to shut things down.

  11. Rikku

    Firstly, thank you for the chapter!
    I’m not really acquanted with either tumblr or LJ so I can’t help out in that matter. Same goes for a translator, though I sincerely hope you’ll be able to find one soon and continue working on EP3… it’d really be a waste if not. I myself know only a bit japanese and I doubt I’d be able to do a good job with translating 😦
    Good luck to you all!!

  12. Laura

    LJ is really easy to use if you want i can help you with that. Tumblr is a good option too but i think it’s a little more dangerous because if someone reblogs your content (the chapter) then it’ll be everywhere in no time, but in LJ it’ll be protected if the community is only for members.

  13. Buu-Huu

    first, thanks for the chapter. ^^

    sadly i can´t help at translating. if i could, i would have started helping you gyus a long time ago. 😉

    a few years ago, i was also at livejournal. but it was only for some tests and i didn´t used it since then.
    tumblr, i didn´t knew what that is, till now. i heard it here for the first time. ^^°
    maybe some else can offer to help managing the future site (as livejournal or tumblr for example). if it would be ok by nabiki.
    i really don´t know much about other communitys or forum sites, which could be alternatively used.

    and a big thanks, that you guys are willing to finish ep 3.

  14. Thank you for the new chapter!

    I really don’t want to wait for the year it will take to finally get to episode 3 in the localization… not at this point.

    Unfortunately I’m not acquainted with any translators, so I can’t really help in that department. I used Livejournal way back in the day and I don’t remember it being super difficult to use, but I don’t know how much it has changed in the past few years. Tumblr seems like it is fairly easy to use but I haven’t personally used it.

    I do like the suggestion of the page encouraging people to purchase the local releases when available.

    Whatever happens, your hard work is very appreciated and I’ll continue to await your releases!

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