Episode 4 End

Episode 4 ??? Tea Party

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Sorry, only one chapter this time, but at least is the end of Episode 4!

i don’t have much time now, so i’m just going to talk about short things

hum, first, about Episode 2 and 4 full volumes, i’ll do it as soon as I finish working on the chapters i have here. As for Episode 8, we still don’t have a translator, so if anyone wants to try, just say it. about Episode 3, I’m expecting it to arrive until 10/03 *–*

edit: oh right, and thanks, Anon, for uploading Episode 1 volumes =3

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11 thoughts on “Episode 4 End

  1. Nabiki Asakura

    Hey JJ =3
    Yeah, i’m home already, but I didn’t even care about fixing episode 8 raws for now because not even one translator appeared…
    Episode 3 is being translated, but Tara-san is also doing Tsubasa for now and studying, so she sent me one tsubasa chapter and i sent her a new e-mail but she didn’t reply, so my guess is that se is really busy for now, when she have time she’ll contact me with episode 3 chapter 9 translation, don’t worry for now.

    Almost the same goes for the Episode 6 traslator, he said he was busy working, but I wasn’t able to contact him again by e-mail, so i’m trying animesuki for now…

  2. pokpokza

    Yuri yandere Majo is here Nipaa~ Uwahahaha

  3. Pablo

    Thank you so much ^^

  4. Genichiro

    Nice, get back from a con, and another release! Thanks guys! :3

  5. Buu-Huu

    yeah, so now the next one is finished.
    thanks guys.

  6. Thank you, thank you!!!! This is one of my favorite Tea Parties :3

  7. JJ

    Thank you a lot for the new chapter!
    By the way did you get the scans for EP 8 chap 1? If that’s the case can you send them to me so I can clean them so, by the time the translator is found, they’ll be ready?

  8. Anonymous

    Yay~ Thanks for the releases. 🙂

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