Episode 4 25 and 26

Welcome 2012, please don’t kill us when december comes or else no one will be able to read the entire Episode 8 manga….

repeating: Episode 8 will start this month so we’re already searching for a translator and a typesetter, interested people please leave a message or e-mail us.

Since I was free today and happy I spent some time changing the layout. The cute thing is that the banner will change each time you enter the page or when you click a different option in our menu (about, projects, raws, etc). We have 5 different banners, so keep clicking until you find it all!


Episode 4 Chapter 25

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 4 Chapter 26

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 4 almost finished, only missing the tea parties. I have some episode 7 chapters here almost finished, so I hope we can release it in the next post.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 4 25 and 26

  1. I had to pass by here and leave my thanks, you deserve them.

  2. Pablo

    Gracias por todo 🙂

  3. JJ

    And here it’s the sad, second part of the Tea Party… ;_;
    Blank Ballons version

    Ehm… can you ask the translator to check if he/she can read the ballons?
    I’ve got the files in the usual big format but somehow the kanji seemed a bit blurry to me… but maybe it’s just because I don’t know how to read them… 😛

  4. Thanks a lot for all these awesome releases! 🙂

  5. Genichiro

    Like the new site layout, and the Siesta approved banners! They’re so cute! Nice work on getting another release out, guys!

  6. THANK YOU! I’m so excited >w<

  7. anon

    Ahhh it’s almost done! That’s so exciting! And I’m super happy to hear EP7 will be up soon too. Thank you so much for all your work!

  8. Buu-Huu

    thanks for the next two releases. 🙂

    oh, another backround. do you leave it like this or switch it back in some time?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      This one is the new background, the another one was starting to get old and boring and I was tired of it, so I don’t plan on reusing it I guess…

  9. Lucas

    Opa,Brasil também é??Hehehe,valeu Nabiki!
    Só terminar de maratonar Evangelion aqui, que eu já vou ver se eu tenho alguma sorte em achar uma dessas ai.

  10. Lucas

    Thank´s man,episode 4 almost complete!
    I’m a new reader, from Brasil,and I will try to found some new raws.
    About the episodes:4-ok/5-You have 13 and 14 already?/6-Miss someone?/7?

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Opa, Brasil =DDD
      Do 5 nós temos o 13 só, se você tiver o 14 e quiser passar pra gente, vai ser ótimo
      Do 6 nós temos até o 12
      Do 7 até o 8

      sempre fico feliz de ver brasileiros por aqui ~~~~~

  11. Gwen

    Thanks~ I’m so glad you guys are doing EP8 too, can’t wait to see it 😀

  12. JJ

    Much, much love for all your hard work!

    Now a question. If I were to find someone willing to translate Ep 3 chap 10 from Chinese since there are Chinese scans of it and of the tea parties would still be okay for you?
    And I’m saying if. No idea if that person would agree but I though it was worth a try.

    • Nabiki Asakura

      Well, if you find someone, then it can be done without problems, i guess XD
      Just need to find again that chinese scans too…

      • JJ

        I’ve the whole volume scanned in Chinese, so don’t worry about it.

  13. Anonymous

    Eek~ Thank you very much for all of your hard work! >w<

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