Episode 6 Chapter 5

Right, so we’re on episode 6 again thanks to our new episode 6 translator, haguruma =D

We have episode 6 raws until chapter 07 so for now we’re ok, i guess, but if someone has chapter 08,09,10 and 11, please share it with us!

Also remember our searching for translator is still going on, we still need someone to translate matsuribayashi-hen!

Episode 6 Chapter 5

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


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15 thoughts on “Episode 6 Chapter 5

  1. Sam777

    Please release a new chapter 6 ep.(
    half a year has passed.

  2. Will

    i have no idea about japanese, but this site seems to have raws for chapter 16 of episode 6. don’t know if the other are there, but it wouldn’t hurt to look, right?


  3. Gwen

    OMG! Thank you so much for continuing on EP6! It’s my favorite so I was so sad when it stopped being worked on!
    Thank you hagurama! 😀

    Thank you so much, all of the WTDND team! I really love all your hard work 😀

  4. JJ

    Good news.

    I managed to make share work and here are
    Umineko Tsubasa 2:
    Umineko Tsubasa 3:
    Umineko Tsubasa 4:

    Warn me if you need them in a blank ballon version too.

    Also, Share technically has Ep 3 chap 10… but so far I can’t download it.

    As for Ep 4 they are sharing the chapters till 22.

    This might either mean that soon they’ll share chap 23 and the others… or that they won’t share Ep 4 anymore.
    Let’s hope the first theory is the good one.

    • nabikiasakura

      Oh my, thnaks my sweet, i’m sending the raws right way to the translator ;-;

      hum…well, if january comes and we didn’t get episode 3 and 4 missing chapters i’ll have to buy these volumes too and wait more 3 months for it to get here and then rip it apart (and my heart too for doing it…) and scan for us.
      …on a side note I’m almost sure I’m going to cry when I destruct episode 2 volume 5. I think I’m even going to take photos of it and post here so everyone can cry together with me…

      cahem, i mean, really, thank you very much. if you find more things like episode 7 chapters after chapter 5 and episode 6 after 8 please send it too =]

  5. Buu-Huu

    yeah, thats good. ^^

  6. JJ

    That’s great to see a new chap of EP 6!
    Many thanks to you and to haguruma also!

  7. Pablo


  8. Gizmo

    Hi~~!! I’m looking for the EP4 Chapter 23 in raw, but I’m a noob…

    Obviously, I don’t know what i’m need to found…

    The chapter’s name is “Chapter 23” or “Tea Party” or I don’t know…?! ><"

    I try my best… I don't speak a word of Japanese, and few in English. ^_^'
    (I'm french! =P)

    Well, clearly, i found this : http://www.square-enix.com/jp/magazine/ganganonline/comic/umineco/viewer/teaparty01/_SWF_Window.html

    And this… : http://www.square-enix.com/jp/magazine/ganganonline/comic/umineco/viewer/000_1201/_SWF_Window.html

    (When i'm take a look on the images, It seems to be the continuation of the chapter 22… So…)

    I hope it could help.

    • Gizmo

      After a check of your website, i saw it’s the “Tea Party Chapter” and you already have it. Damn… =/

      Maybe next time… ^^’


  9. Thank you for the new chapter!!! 😀

  10. thanks… 🙂

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