Almost december

And here we are…in need of raws again…

To be more especific, in need of episode 4 chapter 23 HQ raw ( we have 24, 25 and 26, but we need to release 23 before, right?) and episode 7 chapters 06,07 and 08.

Hum, and for episode 6 we have raws (chapters 5 -7 , but not a translator. The same goes for Matsuribayashi-hen, raws but not a translator…)

Episode 5 Chapter 10

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 5 is fine, just going slowly, but you can expect chapter 11 to next week (maybe 12 too). The one that really worries me is episode 4, it’s almost over but this single chapter 23 is too problematic!

edit: All the project pages updated and the Searching page too.

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13 thoughts on “Almost december

  1. JJ

    First: thank you a lot for all the work you’re making.
    I really apprecciate it.
    I’m still searching for chap 23 but so far no luck.
    BTW: maybe it’s a silly idea but have you tried asking the Chinese scanlators for the raw of chap 23?
    Maybe they will be willing to share since they should have them…
    Though I guess there’s the problem of how to speak with them… but maybe you can use a translator enjine or find Chinese fans willing to pass the message on animesuki…

  2. Good morning/afternoon/evening I am Kinzo and I am here on behalf of the
    Ushiromiya family, a group of Editors and translators that are a translating the manga of Umineko to spanish. well, I am here to ask for your permission to use your scanlations for us to translate.

  3. I can translate episode 6 ^^

    • nabikiasakura

      Thanks for offering your help, but as soon as I made this post someone appeared and episode 6 is being translated already. Even so, we still need someone to translate Matsuribayashi, would you like to help us?

  4. JJ

    *sighs* I wish I had know you would have needed Chap 23 high quality so I would have saved it…
    I’m starting to fear it’s impossible to find it… -_-
    Anyway, just in case you don’t have it chap 4 Tea Party with writing and with blank ballons:

    EP 4 Chap

    Ep 4 Chap TeaParty Blank

    BTW did EP 2 Vol 5 ever reached you?

    • nabikiasakura

      Thanks, I didn’t have it =]
      I’m still waiting for my episode 2 volume 5 to arrive, the seller said 1 – 3 months so….

  5. thank you so much guy’s . 🙂 im searching for the raw’s for you ,but no luck yet 😦

  6. doki doki

    Thank you for the new chapters. i will post if i can spot those chapters 😀

  7. Gwen

    Thanks for the new chapter 😀 We all really appreciate what you guys are doing.
    Shame about not having enough translators though…I can’t help with that D:

    Do you need these raws to be in Japanese? If its just picture problems, I think I can find them, but I haven’t seen any original Japanese raws of chap 23.
    I’ll keep an eye out though!

  8. Buu-Huu

    yeah, a new chapter is here. ^^ thanks guys.

    hm, i´m looking for the new needed raws. as far as i know, i havn´t seen them at my usually raw pages. but now i can look especially for these missing raws.
    hopefully someone can find the raws.

    ah, thats why no more matsuribayashi chapter did came.

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