Guys who’ve been asking about delay: our principal cleaner dissapeared. I’m assuming she’s on vacations or studying hard, so I’m doing her job. Unfortunally, I’m terrible /facepalm

I’ve never noticed how terrible I am fixind raws and cleaning it until I tried now. I’m taking too much time and I’m still cleaning episode 5 chapter 9, but I already have chapter 10 here, so I have more than 120 pages of raws to clean (i’m almooost finished with chapter 9…). Episode 7 is already being typeseted, and also our higanbana last chapters, 7 and 8. So I guess I’m going to release the chapters alone as soon as I receive it, I hate making you people wait so much.
I’m concerned about episode 4. People usually send me the raws by e-mail,but I didn’t receive it last month, neither this one, so if someone have episode 4 chapters 23 and 24, please send it. “Oh, but, nabiki, nabiki, why don’t you just go and take some screens by yourself? Episode 4 is release onliiiiine!” because I tried and, for some reason, when I try it, I never get a good quality page (I guess I’m just good typesetting after all…). That’s it, I’m sorry for not bringing a new chapter exactly now, it’s kind of sad (but our episode 7 typesetter said that he would send me episode 7 chapter 5 today, so I hpe I’m able to edit this post later).  At least we’ve finished more full volumes (btw, does anyone know where I can find/have episode 2 volume 3 cover?)

Episode 2 Volume 2


Episode 3 Volume 1


Oh, the good news about episode 2 is that I’ve bought episode 2 last volume, so as soon as it arrives we willbe able to end this project.

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14 thoughts on “Delay

  1. Gwen

    What are you going to do about Umineko Episode 6? On Cougerpeople’s blog, she said that she probably won’t translate Umineko anymore because its too long and difficult.
    EP6 is my favorite, so this really stinks for me. Will you guys be picking it up? I’d love it if you would.

  2. Nabiki asakura

    Thanks, everyone, for your patience (and for bringing links for the chapters and the covers ;D). I’m still waiting my eepisode 2 volume 5 to arrive, as for episode 5 chapters, chapter 9 is already being typesetted, while chapter 10 is translated, but still being cleaned and chapter 10 too. Episode 4 chapters 23 and 24 are being translated too (and thanks to JJ we have it cleaned already), but if anyone have bigger raws of episode 4 chapter 23 that would help our translator, because he’s working, but having some troubles to read the really small kanjis…

  3. Don’t worry too much about it. It’s nice to hear from you and letting us know what’s going on, so I don’t mind waiting (never did as much, in the first place).

  4. Gwen

    I don’t mind waiting for updates! I’m super-excited for the completion of EP2! Good luck!

  5. Thank you for the update! I am so excited for the conclusion of Episode 2 and more of episode 4!

    Do your best and hopefully you get some help soon! At least a lot of people have jumped on the opportunity to share raws :3

  6. Gala

    Hi hi!
    Thanks for the new releases.
    I’ve got only this one:

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  7. JJ

    First of all: Thank you a lot for all your hard work! It’s great we’ll manage to see the end of chap 2.

    That’s what I have about Ep 4

    Ep 4 chap 23 raw (low quality) :
    Ep 4 chap 24 raw (high quality) :

    And I don’t know if it can help but here there’s:

    Ep 4 chap 23 & 24 with blank balloons :

    Note that part of the scans of chap 23 with blank ballons were made using the Chinese scanlations (they were of better quality than the raw I had of chap 23)

    BTW: maybe you missed my old message but in Ep 2 volume 1 there were some pages missing in the first chapter… ^_-

    • Nabiki asakura

      Thanks, you’re always so sweet =3
      Do you have chapter 23 with bigger pages? I mean, the translator can’t read some kanjis that are too small, so he asked me to see if I could find bigger raws.
      I’ll check episode 2 volume 1, thanks

  8. Genichiro

    You guys always make the wait worth it, so don’t worry about it. Quality beats speed any day.

  9. I’m no expert critiquing the quality of these scans, but I believe you guys are doing a great job scanlating them. Please keep up great work! \o/ ^___^b

    And take your time scanlating these manga. I don’t mind the wait. ^__^

  10. Buu-Huu

    here, at this side, there you can get the cover. one picture has it. it shows the front and the back of the manga.

    oh, you bought the last volume of ep 2. thats very nice. thanks. now i´m looking forward for the last chapters of these arc.

  11. ike

    just thought id let you know someone has released chapters 7 and 8 of higanbana already

    • Yeah, I knew about it, but I wn’t just trow up the chapters that are almost finished here.

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