June releases

Hi everyone, I’m here to bring you some chapters and t ask for a little help (again). You see, Cougarpeople, the responsible for episode 6 raws and translation, can’t buy the magazines anymore, so i promised her that i would ask you guys if anyone knows about someone who can help us providing episode 6 raws.


Episode 3 Chapter 07

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 4 Chapter 21

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 7 Chapter 03

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Calm down, sweet. Remember wich month is it? June, right? So, we’re on THAT time of year again, the time when everyone is busy studying for tests and dn’t have too much time free time to work. Maria already contacted me saying that, she’s already doing Higanbana 6, but she will take more time to finish it because of her exams. But don’t worry, it will be released as soon as possible =3

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14 thoughts on “June releases

  1. Dreadnought

    Thank you so much for everything. I can’t be a raw provider, but I’ve been looking for ep. 6 raws over the internet. If I happen to find them, I’ll make sure to post them here.

  2. Super Paper

    Thank you so much WTDND for all your hard work. I really appreciate you guys bringing the Umineko manga to us English speakers. I’ve been enjoying the EP7 adaptation especially, and I always eagerly await the updates. ^^ I’m sorry to say that I can’t be of any help with the EP6 raws. I was really looking forward to Dlanor’s first appearance in the next chapter as well. 😦 But, I will be patient and wait for some wonderful person to come along and help you guys out by supplying raws.

    Thanks again for your hard work!~

  3. rikassavior

    They will get those done as soon as they can. The big problem with Ep2 is that the raws for episode 2 are close to impossible to find…. And without raws, there is nothing they can do. So bear with them for a while.

  4. I

    Thank you! By the way what about episode 2? we didn’t have new chapters for a while…

  5. rikassavior

    Lol, my Mangastorm app beeped at me twice and I was like “I guess theres more Toradora, or DM Wonderland”. Proceed to look down at iphone and yelp in joy in the middle of my crowded workplace… Thanks guys! ^_^

  6. doki doki

    thank you!!

  7. Kai

    Thank you, this is awesome! ♥

  8. NullApostle

    That should have been “Good luck for your exams”.
    Damn you, Freud!

  9. NullApostle

    Thanks for the releases, folks. Great work.
    Good look for your exams.

    Thanks, i love u guys for your hard work 🙂

  11. Buu-Huu

    yeah, new chapters are out. thanks wtdnd.

    well since now i wasn´t paying attention to ep 6 raws when i was searching the other missing raws (because Cougarpeople did it so far) . the few pages i bookmarked for the raw search, there weren´t raws for ep 6. but i can look for it now directly.

    and i have an idea about the common raw search (problem). i thought it would maybe better, to make an extra new sector (as About, Projects…) for the raws and call it maybe like “Needed RAWs” or “Looking for RAWs”. and on this side you can list all missing raws of your projects and where you are looking for raw-providing (for the ongoing project; actually like for ep 6). then if an user found some missing raws or can be a raw-provider, it can be posted in the comments. and the search for this one can be deleted from the list.
    i thought that would make it easier. not everyone knows on which projects are missing raws. and your last status about the missing raws was on your older webside. and i for example doesn´t know if you need ep 7 raws which i posted. maybe you guys get it from elsewere too. i think this new side can be a good help.

  12. cruxe

    Thanks a lot for the new chapters 🙂

    I don’t know anyone who has raws for ep 6, so sorry for being a useless leecher.

  13. bluewolf963

    I’m glad you guys got a chance to release, even amid the fun of finals and what not. Thanks for your efforts, and good look to everyone on their finals! :3

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