Late Releases and Episode 7

Well, as the title says, this post is to bring the late releases from last month frm episodes 4 and 5. Since we’ve already started next chapters I felt like it was just wrong to wait more to release these ones. Also, we’re starting Episode 7 and welcoming my friend Cookie in our group who is helping in episode 7 as typesetter.

Episode 4 Chapter 19

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 5 Chapter 06

DDL(4shared) | DDL(mediafire)


Episode 7 Chapter 01


We still don’t have episode’s 7 readonline link .

Edit 16/05 -For everyone who’ve downloaded Episode 7 until yesterday: The first time we’ve started calling Lion a girl, but this is now fixed. lion’s gender is something ambiguous and, after lots of people points us the motive for it, we changed the translation of chapter 1 a bit.

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23 thoughts on “Late Releases and Episode 7

  1. JJ

    Re-reading Ep 7 chap 1 I noticed that page 11 says the story takes place in 1986, May 10th. Shouldn’t it be in 1986 October 5th?

  2. Jake

    Hiya! I noticed after re-reading through EP5;Ch6 that you didn’t translate 食堂(dining room). Just wanted to point that out.

  3. ZeroQ

    Thank you very much for the new release ^_^

    But the links to Ep 7 Ch 1 are dead.

    Could you please re-upload them?

  4. Oh wow… Yay for another chapter of Higanbana! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Thak you so much!! *–*

  6. Don

    So, erh, what about ep 2 and 3? I love all Umineko episodes to death, but I’m not a fan of the trend of releasing the newer manga instalments before finishing the older ones.

    • Liy

      We don’t have the raws dear :3

    • nabikiasakura

      As liy said, we can’t really do anything without the raws…

    • Buu-Huu

      the situation is really sad. i looked and searched at the internet again, and posted the two links i found. but i counldn´t find anything else which was needed, too.

  7. bluewolf963

    Nice to see you guys fixed it. Oh, and the mediafire link is dead, figured I should pass that along. XD

  8. Juanita

    Yep, those claims for Higanbana could be annoying… not my problem, I know.

    Thanks for the work. Ep 7 was a surprise for me.
    Bernkastel gonna be a great character there. Cant wait for the tea party xD

  9. Buu-Huu

    i noticed, that at your credit pages are still the address´ to your old side. it would be good to chance them to your new address.
    and welcome cookie.

    • nabikiasakura

      Ah, yeah, I’ve totally forgot bout this! thnks, I will fix it XD

  10. shn11

    All umineko/higurashi fans have already read the vn and watched anime, what we need is higanbana which is still new for everyone. i appreciate your hard work, but it will be good if you please work on higanbana.

    • nabikiasakura

      It’s nt like this sweet…
      We work here on WTC projects because we’re fans, so we won’t stop it just for a new project.
      I’m trying to contact friend that I know that can do higanbana without problems, let’s hope she wants to help us.

  11. nabikiasakura

    Well, i’m almost thinking about giving up on higanaba. We’re still on chapter 4/5 and there are already more than ten chapters. No one have really patience to do it, so i guess I’ll passit for another group to give a try…

  12. NullApostle

    Thanks folks. Nice releases.

    How’s Higanbana? And I’m curious, what’s the current chapter of Higanbana in Japan?

  13. theacefrehley

    I suggested we make a v2 making the gender neutral

    Indeed, in page 31, it’s just Bernkastel (and that’s how I translated in the script)

    And I’ll try to make it gender neutral from now on, but don’t blame me if I’m not creative enough when avoiding the pronouns he/she and it becomes weird 🙂

  14. bluewolf963

    Nice, more releases from WTDND! Thanks for the hard work, guys! :3

  15. Bluemail

    It’s the first time I’m commenting here, so thanks for all the hard work!

    Adressing Lion directly as female is indeed a problem. I do understand that using ‘this person’ instead of he or she can be a bit annoying to do, but Witch Hunt already succeeded in it (can you use ‘they’ perhaps?) There’s a couple of typos and grammar errors as well.

    Another weird thing I couldn’t miss was that Bernkastel called herself Frederica Bernkastel on page 31. As I remember it, the name Frederica never comes up in Umineko. I checked the japanese raw and indeed, there is no Furederika there, just Geemu Masutaa Berunkasuteru. 😛 Did you have some other version while translating? Maybe that’s the reason behind straightforwardness with Lion too?

  16. Beatrice

    Sweeeeet~ Loving the new chapters and EP 7. Thanks for all of your hard work. 😀 Keep it up. :3

  17. Buu-Huu

    thanks for your work.
    and the new series of ep 7. ^_^

    oh yeah. the last chapters of minagoroshi. i´m pleased that they´ll come really soon. ^^

  18. Samu-tan

    Why did you translate everything regarding Lion as “her” and “daughter”? Her gender is supposed to be unknown until later on.
    The gender ambiguity is an explicit story element. Later on Will is discussing how he can’t tell if Lion is a girl or a boy, and how Bern has been careful to keep it ambiguous as well.
    This wasn’t a really smart choice guys.

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